Yuri in Puli

I contacted Green Island Adventures asking for suggestions for a relatively quiet getaway for two during the upcoming June long weekend. They recommended I contact ‘Yuri in Puli’, and gave me a phone number (no other details). Does anyone have any information on ‘Yuri in Puli’?

Edit: Goodness, it’s amazing what you can find on Google. A simple search for ‘Yuri in Puli’ turned up this. Comments on Yuri still appreciated.

I’ve met Yuri a couple of times, and he’s a great guy. Good fun to be around. I need to grow a bigger sack and go paragliding with him.

I visited Yuri in Puli many times and always had a wonderful time there. Went river-trekking and paragliding with Yuri. Great fun!

I usually go camping on the mountain and at night we were having a bonfire and BBQ. Yuri and his American partner, Bo, also runs a backpacker’s lodge. You can go camping on the mountain, or stay in the backpacker’s lodge or Yuri can also arrange other accommodation in that area for you. They offer many kinds of activities, like mountain biking, river trekking, paragliding, picknicking, etc. Check out Step out in Taiwan.

Thanks for the help. I’ve emailed Step Out.