Zarqawi dead?

Let’s see the body.

Or at least his death certificate… I don’t like looking at dead bodies…

Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish. But someone will take his place…

This is a picture of the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Caldwell said that his body was cleaned up after the attack and that there were other images that they decided not to show.

Some background on the group responsible for taking Zarqawi, his “Spiritual Advisor” and quite a few others out:

Task Force 145.

Sorry double post

donald rumsfeld says that over the years, no one has had more blood on his hands than zarqawi. to this i say bullshit: george bush in my opinion has way more blood on his hands-all the blood of innocent iraqis, afghanis, soldiers, journalists-its all because of bush’ decision. thousands dead because of one arrogant, stubborn bastard.

george bush says zarqawi will murder no more. yeah, but george will keep killing. keep sending others to die, and keep trying to rule the world, at all costs.

he has so many problems to deal with, but he’s worried about gay marriage??!!

hypocrits, they will never stop. who’s next?


I prefer to see this as a positive step over a difficult obstacle on the road to getting Iraq up and running well on its own. I am skeptical that things will suddenly improve, as I believe it is mostly local thugs and some foreign “insurgents” who are trying to beat the US back.

This fucker tried his damndest to start a civil war. He’s a martyr? Whatever. In my country that just means you’re dead.

Say what you will about Bush and Co, and they surely do have a lot of blood on their hands…but look where they started…a lot has happened in the last few years in Iraq, history has literally been forced to change. It isn’t easy, either in deciding to do it or explaining the need for it.

I did back the war. I back the occupation, and I back keeping a presence there for a long time. Today may end up meaning little more than a day to remember when one of the big heads rolled. But I’ll take it.

Think of the people that won’t die because this pscyho decided to plant a roadside bomb next to a school or planned a car bomb to kill Iraqi police cadets, or because US troops accidentally gunned down some innocent kids in a terrosist safe house.

i have a scary feeling that this may play out mob style (as in Chicago). we popped one of their made men, we’d better prepare for the reprisal.

I again pay my respects to the effectiveness of the American military :notworthy: who did an excellent job despite the incompetence of their Commander-in-Chief.

Seeing this fuck’s head, dead on TV, doesn’t excite me. He looks too peaceful, all in one piece.
So much information was lost! His knowledge is worth more than his corpse!
On a scale from 1-10, I give this event, a 7.


There have been three bomb attacks in Bagdad since the news broke.

This ranks right up there with Bonnie and Clyde. The police gun down a thug outlaw. If we hadn’t invaded Iraq, nobody in the West would even know his name. It is a positive step. I hope it helps.

We all, are hoping.

72 virgins? I think he’s gonna wake up and discover 72 virgin pit bulls chewing on his balls for all Eternity.

The latest Goldstein has been killed for what is it? The 4th time.
For those of us attempting to keep track of how many times US agent provocateur Musab Al-Zarqawi has been killed or captured today’s news comes as something of a relief - the US government has stamped its official seal of approval on the fact that the Pentagon’s most influential PR tool is no more.

This is following this:
“The U.S. military is conducting a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to internal military documents and officers familiar with the program. The effort has raised his profile in a way that some military intelligence officials believe may have overstated his importance and helped the Bush administration tie the war to the organization responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”

The Post even described how the Pentagon had concocted fake Al-Zarqawi letters boasting about suicide attacks and leaked them to Dexter Filkins of the New York Times, who splashed it on the front page the next day. Despite the fact that Filkins had severe doubts about the authenticity of the letter, the Times got down on their knees, licked boots, and published it anyway.

He basically outlived his usefulness. Expect a new devil to appear sometime soon.

And to anyone thinking useful idiots like this one are behind the sunni’s and Shias fighting each other cast your minds back to the two British soldiers in Arab garb and head dress who drove a car towards a group of Iraq police and began firing.

More background on the Zarqawi hit. <- some very good informative links from the articles on here.

Video of the targetting and bombing…excellent placement: … airstrike/

Zarqawi, Al-Qaeda’s Agent, Dies in Air Strike

Just a comment -
From the posts I’ve seen on this thread, it appears that a few of you have no knowledge what so ever of what Zarqawi was all about.
This person was a mudering terrorist thug of international proportions. He was smart, well-funded and technologically savvy. He has been actively using the sympathetic media for his purposes and using the internet to organize and recruit for his terrorist cells.
Nick Berg, Ken Bigley, Lawrence Foley and numerous other non-combatants of many nationalities are dead, savagely dead both by this persons hand and as a result of the instructions of Zarqawi.
So someone will move up on the list, we’ll take them out also. Al Quieda has been hit hard and the hits will continue. Both in Iraq by the Coalition Forces and by the Iraqui Gov’t forces working in concert. And look for Somalia to show up on the screen soon.

[quote=“Richardm”]If we hadn’t invaded Iraq, nobody in the West would even know his name.[/quote]Not quite -

[quote]The Zarqawi Node in the Terror Matrix
By Matthew Levitt, February 6, 2003, 9:00 a.m.

Linking the terrorists

In mapping out Iraq’s links to international terrorism before the United Nations Security Council, Secretary of State Colin Powell highlighted the case of senior al Qaeda commander Fedel Nazzel Khalayleh, better known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

In fact, Zarqawi exemplifies not only the Iraq role in the web of international terror but serves as a case in point of the terror matrix itself. Zarqawi’s activities on behalf of al Qaeda span the globe, from Afghanistan to Great Britain, with equally diverse links to other terrorist groups, from Ansar al-Islam in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon to al-Tawhid in Germany and Beyyiat el-Imam in Turkey. At least 116 terrorist operatives from Zarqawi’s global network have already been arrested, including members in France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

A Palestinian-Jordanian and veteran of the Afghan war against the Soviets, Zarqawi first appeared as a terror suspect when Jordan indicted him in absentia for his role in the al Qaeda millennial bombing plot targeting the Radison SAS hotel in Amman as well as other American, Israeli, and Christian religious sites in Jordan. In 2000 he returned to Afghanistan, where he oversaw a terrorist training camp and specialized in chemical and biological weapons. European officials maintain Zarqawi is the al Qaeda coordinator for attacks there, where chemical attacks were recently thwarted in Britain, France, and Italy. In fact, Secretary Powell informed that Abuwatia (ph), a detainee who graduated from Zarqawi’s terrorist camp in Afghanistan, admitted to dispatching at least nine North African extremists to travel to Europe to conduct poison and explosive attacks.

Zarqawi heads Jund al-Shams, an Islamic extremist group and al Qaeda affiliate which operated primarily in Syria and Jordan, but is now believed to have moved to the Ansar al-Islam enclave in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq where he helped establish a new poison and explosive training camp. Powell noted that Zarqawi’s lieutenants operate the Ansar al-Islam camp in coordination with a senior Iraqi agent “in the most senior levels of the radical organization.”(more background on Zarqawi in article) … 020603.asp[/quote]
Note date of article.

The previous post contains sourcing on Zarqawis actions in promoting the fighting between Iraqi Sunnis & Shi’ites.

I read a child was killed in that raid as well. These realities tend to be forgotten in the “glory” of it all I guess. Though I suppose the child might also be classified as a “known al-Qaeda associate” which I guess makes it all well and good.

How many children was Z involved in killing?

How many more would he have killed?

No, it doesn’t make it good, but in the long run, it probably makes it better.