Zeta 1.1 Live CD

For all of you who are interested in playing with now OSes. YellowTab just released a Live CD version of its Zeta 1.1. For those of you who might not know, Zeta is the successor of BeOS, a promising OS with the wrong marketing strategy.

I just booted the Live CD, and it seems to be working okay. Sound and network card of my T43 got detected and I was able to access the internet with firefox. This is a link to the CD image, unfortunately, it is in German, and I was not able to locate an english version yet.

download.freenet.de/archiv_z/zet … _7560.html

You mean the page is in German or the whole CD is in German?

The version of the Live CD that I was able to locate is in German. I will keep my eyes open for an english version. Maybe there is a hidden option that allows you to switch the language of the OS, but I had no time to play with it.

An English version is supposed to be released soon. Watch osnews.com.