Zhang Ximing - who is this man?


Do you know who he is???

At my local 7/11 the guy behind the counter that I spend a lot of time talking to is a great fan of 張錫銘. He says that hes ‘‘very strong’’ and acording to him many people in Taiwan are in suport of 張錫銘… aparently 張錫銘 translates as ‘‘crazy dragon’’ in English???..

Anyway - the first time i saw 張錫銘 was on T.V. last month being caught on Camera with a massive machine gun aparently kidnapping a rich business man… my friend at the 7/11 claims that 張錫銘 and his mates have made over 1 billion in Taichung, Gaoshung and Taiepi kidnapping rich business men. ALSO 張錫銘 and his mates are responsible for the deaths of 10 policemen in Taiwan???..

Well - I can read a bit of Chinese but I would love to know the full story - go ahead anyone if you wanna do a search on Google, the posters are up outside the 7/11s with a 1000,000NT reward on this guy, you will recognise his face - but whats the full story???.. anyone?

(PS, I wouldent inform on him if I knew!!! :slight_smile: )

It doesn’t. His nickname, though, is Elong, which means “Evil Dragon”.

do you know anything about the guy?

Just what I read in the papers. He has a loyal contingent of co-horts who shelter him, but the police are detaining them and apparently he’s running out of places to hide. He doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend, doesn’t go to nightclubs or hostess bars and is apparently celibate (which makes sense - psychotics normally do not have normal sex lives). He is ruthless, violent and cunning. He plans his kidnappings carefully and doesn’t brag or boast about his exploits, which is the downfall of many a Taiwan gangster. He is very loyal to his friends, and expects the same loyalty in return. He doesn’t dick around in his negotiations - he never issues empty threats.

This is what I’ve gleaned from the apple daily and various tv shows, as well as my wife.

The businessman who was kidnapped ran to the first police station…and there a cop gave him a cup of instant noodles…
He wanted to give that cop a MILLION NT later…to say thanks. The cop said No Thanks…

God…Imagine he came to my house and I made him some steaks!!!

thanks for that, well they say that money dosnt guarantie happiness and thats got to be a prime example! 1 billion in cash and no girls, clubs, days out to the zoo, KTVs, no showing your face in public - great!

whats his goal? do you know? dose anyone know?


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