Zhanghua property discussion -*newbie*

hey everyone,

newbie here and recently joined the forum during my current trip to taiwan. My family owns some property in Zhanghua, namely a large warehouse structure and we’re brainstorming about potential business ideas aside from simply renting it out (I’m hearing that the economic climate isn’t the best right now so renters are actually hard to find)

Any golfers in the Zhanghua area interested in an indoor driving range haha

I try and visit Taiwan 1 or 2 times per year and am hoping to do more business out here so I can visit my family more often.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! looking forward to contributing to a great forum!

How big? Aircon? Age? Do you have a budget to do anything with it?

thanks Loretta, it’s about 400 ping or roughly 12000 sq ft. Upstairs office area has air conditioning.

budget right now is still tbd as ideally we’re looking for someone to rent the space to serve either as a warehouse or as an assembly line factory.

Here is a photobucket link with some images.

smg.photobucket.com/albums/v396/ … Warehouse/

Shoulda posted earlier, we just signed a lease on a similar space in Taichung County.

Darn! Thanks llary, if anyone has any other leads, I’d really appreciate it.

Feel free to email me at john at solar cynergy dot com

Here’s to a Laker win!

Where at in Zhanghua? We are looking to upgrade our current location, but needs to be on the Mailiao side of Zhanghua

Unfortunately it’s not cjc444, our warehouse is on Nancheng St, No. 66 next to the Golden hotel and actually behind the KFC if that gives you any idea.

Would definitely be open to offering incentives for any introductions leading to a signed lease! Thanks in advance everyone!

Probably a spammer. Thats how they set up to add links later.

Wonderful, i get enough spam as is haha.

How are things in TPE? I spent NYE there last year and had a great time.

I don’t know, I live in Taichung :slight_smile:.

lol you’re closer to TPE than I am at least haha <–USA