Zhonghua Telecom - Can't pay account online

Until recently, my wife and I shared a Zhonghua Telecom account (had one since we moved to Taiwan 5+ years ago). We had two sim cards - one for her phone, one for mine, and could pay for the account online. A few months ago, we took advantage of a special deal, but this meant that I had to have to my own account so that we could both get the deal (one deal per account). My wife handled all of this. Today I found out that my account, being a foreigner, has to be paid at the store because my ARC # and Passport # are both 1-digit short of a Taiwanese ID, so it’s not compatible with the online bill pay system.

It’s not a huge deal - I can go to the store or the 7-11 and pay the bill, but it seems kind of silly that I’ve lived here 5+ years and can’t pay my account online. Has any other foreigner found a workaround for this? My wife has tried calling and arguing with Zhonghua Telecome, to no avail. Are there any other options? Thanks.

I pay my Zhonghua mobile bill each month online using my bank’s online ATM facility. I log into my bank’s website (Taiwan UnCo-operative Bank), use a USB card-reader to access my Visa Debit card, choose utilities, enter my mobile and passport number, and Bob’s your uncle, it’s all done. I don’t go through the Zhonghua website. If you can read some Chinese, try using your bank to pay your bills online, at home. I do the same for my water, electricity, and gas bills.