Zoca Pizzeria

Figured I should post about this place despite the fact that I have as yet to try the pizza there.
It’s called Zoca and it’s run by an Italian pastry chef and I can tell you as much as that he makes excellent cakes and pastries and the place is well worth a visit for that alone.
The offer a wide selection of brick oven baked pizza as well, although sadly they don’t seem to have a website as yet, but they do have a facebook page facebook.com/pages/Zoca-Pizz … 9821864135
The address is 149 Linjiang Street and it’s in Da’an, about 10 minutes walk from Carnegies.

One of my students was raving on about this place today. He said that the Dolce Vita (ham, cheese and honey) pizza was amazing. The chef’s Italian so I’ll probably give it a try soon.

Has anyone tried any of the pizzas yet?

Yeah, I have by now and it’s pretty good. Quite “wet” pizzas though, as in there’s a lot of sauce on them, but the toppings an the crust is nice.

Sounds good to me, I’ll have to check it out. what are the pastries like? any cannoli? sfogliatelle? haha

The mille foglie is great, although it’s only available on weekends.
facebook.com/media/set/?set= … 143&type=1 for some pictures
For those that don’t have facebook, here’s a selection

oh man i will be there soon

That looks really good. I’m there soon.

His crust is good; it was the best part of the pie, so no surprise to hear he is a pastry chef. His pizza is fine, though he could use better (higher quality) ingredients in some cases. The restaurant is also a little too bright (lighting) for my taste.

I find the combinations on offer a bit odd, but I guess he’s doing traditional Italian pizza from where he’s from?


I don’t know the owner, so I guess that’d make it a bit hard, but as far as I’m aware he’s from somewhere in northern Italy. If you really want to know, go and ask on their facebook page.


Very nice guy, from Verona. Fantastic place, could tell by the smell on the way in. Gets my vote for best pizza here. The pastry we had took the cake though. It wasn’t the mille foglie but like that but with a layer of cake as well. oh man. thought I was home for a minute. Friendly and attentive service, I kept getting apologized to for waiting ten minutes after our reservation, I didn’t even notice I waited. Will definitely be back.

We were there last weekend, the place was packed out. Some of the locals didn’t seem to care too much about the food and some were complaining that there were no pasta on the menu… :loco:
I mean, the place is called Zoca Pizza and you expect to go there and eat pasta?

Anyhow, as always the food was great, but the cake was even better. :thumbsup:

I can vouch for this place. Great pizza, reasonable prices, “western service standards*” (*i.e.: the wait staff will actually pay attention to see if you need anything, incl. beverage refills/top-ups. I highly recommend Zoca!

Quick tip: They won’t allow you to bring in food/drink from the outside, which is a rarity in TW establishments. Just an FYI to all!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Zoca is my absolute favorite. The best pizza in town (and I have tried them all!). This is Italian pizza. Fresh ingredients and the aforementioned great crust. The staff are really friendly, big smiles every time. The other great thing is Zoca will not break the bank. I’m in there a couple of times a week.

One word: cannoli.

And the limoncello baba. Oh man.

The mille foglie may still be the best though (my daughter insisted I post this lol.)

Huh? Higher quality ingredients? Too bright? I guess if you live in a cave it might be a little bright. His food is awesome.

it is the best pizza in town.

I went to this place several months ago and it was a great experience. The pizza was really good and the bread with the “unlimited” olive oil was awesome! The reason I say “unlimited” is because they give your table a whole bottle of olive oil so you can use as much as you want. We really went wild with that bottle haha. Most places just give you a tiny dipping cup with a few drops:(

One thing I remember is that the bathroom was very clean and spacious. Always a plus for a restaurant, pretty rare to see in Taiwan.

The chef was a very nice and friendly guy, he was actually smiling! Again very rare.

Highly recommand this place :thumbsup:. Pity that it’s not closer to where I live:(

Maybe they changed their policy but I did not encounter this problem. The last time I went, I biked there so I had a bottle of Supau in my bottle cage. When I got there, I took the Supau inside and they didn’t say anything.