Zone Pub crawl?

Have you ever arranged a Zone Pub Crawl ?

I can’t recall, so probably yes.

No but I once led an expedition to see which of all the south east Asian Sunday part-timers/hookers had the least number of stretch marks.


I’m in the zone today, Sullivan. Gonna be doing some serious scarin’.

wolvesmon… have you ever been outside the zone?

Unless Taipei has a dole office to which he is entitled to go, I would doubt that. The bus fare is also prohibitively expensive.


Tried leaving once, didn’t like it.

The Twilight Zone was filmed here.

Especially paying over 100 for beer.

Seriously, I have been in every expat bar in Taipei and most in Taichung and elsewhere.
Problem it there is rarely more than a couple near each other. Therefore, a pub crawl is not feasible