Zoning laws - explain

So, it seems that the developers are at it again. They have recruited the government now, and it seems the local authorities are mulling changing the zone designation for our neighborhood, big meeting this week. Scuttlebut says it’ll make it easier to “renovate”. So, my question is this: what can they do? From veterans area to “all hell breaks loose”? What’s the worst that can happen?

I have no idea, but I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

IMO zoning laws (which were invented a couple of centuries ago to keep smelly, polluting industries away from homes) are the main cause of urban misery. If an industry is smelly and polluting, then it’s better that isn’t permitted to exist in the first place. That allows less-unsociable industries (ie., the majority of them) to exist side-by-side with housing, thus eliminating stupid traffic patterns.

In your case, however, I assume the zoning laws will simply be worked around to allow the developers to do WTF they want, rather than to experiment with concepts that might take Taiwan into the 21st century.

I’m telling you, it is starting to get pretty weird. Strange people coming to the alley, measuring this and that, taking pictures… Last Saturday, a whole family -Mom, Pop and kid- two of them wearing official looking Xindian Govt ids -budget something department- with printed lists in hand, checking who lived where, what are their occupations, who’s renting -actually, they had like historical records, several people listed per address. Checking on people on a Saturday afternoon?! Oh, and Mom was visibly pregnant.

The paranoid in me no likey.