Zucchini/courgettes/baby marrows

Anyone have any idea where one can get these (or the seeds) in Taiwan?

You can sometimes – rarely – get the yellow ones in places like Jasons, City Super, Breeze, etc. Expect to pay outrageous prices and expect to only find ones that have been allowed to grow far too big.
People DO grow them, though. I found an old obasan selling them in the Bitan day market once. Very cheap indeed and very small, still with the flowers on the end of them. Lovely.

Jason’s also has the green ones pretty regularly, the tienmu wellcome often does too. pretty expensive.

This might help for seeds knownyou.com/index.jsp?bodyi … tagname=30 and armed with the Chinese Sha Nan Gwa , you can find them in local markets from time to time, apparently this one does. Here

Thanks everyone for your input. Much appreciated!

And I just remembered that I sometimes see packets of seeds for the yellow ones in RT Mart.

You can get zucchini at the Bin Jiang market 濱江市場on Min Zu East Road. 民族東路. But you have to look around for awhile as the place is very big.

Isaw some earlier this week. walk up yongkang st, walk across xinyi rd and then up a little bit there is a market on the left hand side.

Ionly saw one person who was selling them, but she said “zucchini?“ as i walked by and that is how I noticed.

In Chinese it is called 節瓜(jie2 gua1)