Zumba Teachers

Who and where are the good Zumba teachers in and around Taipei? Some of them have a cult following but it’s really hard to know who and where. And how to get into it if it’s a cult class?

That Zumba stuff will destroy your knees. Or are you just going for the pick-up scene?

Yes, get cushey shoes, and yes also okay.

Seriously someone took me to a Zumba class a couple months ago and I was fl*cking feeling good after that.

It’s the torque that does it, not the impact.

You must be a Zumba teacher. How do you look in a tight leotards and crop top?

nevermind I don’t want to know

Look up Sharen Tu on Facebook. Well regarded Zumba teacher. Kiwi husband.

Kiwi Zumba?

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I thought Zumba was supposed to be slimming… :thinking: