Best Pizza in Taipei


Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the info and links, citizen k.

From the shop's Web site:

"Larry learned how to make pizza from one of New York city's pizza masters!

All doughs are made fresh daily in the New York pizza kitchen following a secret recipe that produces the delicious crispy thin crust that pizza lovers crave. Larry uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and makes sure that a lot of love goes into every pie.

遠赴紐約市向當地的批薩達人學到了如何製作一流的披薩披薩的箇中的奧秘在於餅皮, 秉持著紐約達人秘方,每日現做出披薩愛好者為之瘋狂的多層次口感的餅皮的披薩堅持 使用最新鮮與高品質的材料,並且注入許多對披薩的熱愛"

Who is Larry? Is he the owner?

And from which "New York city pizza master" did he learn to make pizza?


Larry learned to make pizza from a master. . . HA!

Sorry Larry. Sorry Alleycats.

I made pizza on Sunday and it was extremely simple and delicious. Nothing to it. Do a google search for "simple/easy pizza recipe" and you'll find tons of recipes requiring just flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar. Mix it all together, knead it, let it rise for 20 min in a warm place, then spread it out on a greased pan (regular cookie sheet will do). Slop on some sauce and cheese and cook. Easy peasy.

I even had bags of frozen spagetti sauce that I'd made some time back, so I just defrosted one of those for the sauce. My 4 year-old girl helped me to mix and knead the dough, etc.

I honestly don't believe any restuarant could make it any better. Certainly not quicker -- the whole thing took less than 1 hour, start to finish, and I didn't have to drive across town. Mine was also substantially cheaper.

Anyway, I look forward to schmoozing at the next Alleycat's happy hour, but the best pizza -- I've just discovered -- is homemade. :lick:


Dunno, but he makes an SGS; a super good slice! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I'll ask about this when I go in. I'm in need of an SGS ASAP.


Then you should consider DIY.


OK. :slight_smile:

(or I'll just invite myself over for some of your homemade pizza.)


Fair enough. You bring the beer. :beer:


Maoman, which pizza(s) did you end up purchasing from Chicago's? I stand by and personally endorse the Special Curry pizza: chicken breast, sausage, potatoes, onions, chillies, curry, cheese and tomato sauce. If you like spicy; ask for it. Good goddamn they can put the fire into your colon with that Za.


Larry is none too happy these days. An inveterate gambler, he woefully placed all his erm...dough, on The CIHL Bears this last weekend. As he is also a major inverstor in said Bears, it does the squad no good to hear him bellyaching about after the contest about how the Bears suck. Even if they do suck, shut your (pizza) pie hole. Don't make me send The Coach after you Larry.

Chill out.

And have a slice. No bellyaching there. Nothing to suck but the pizza juices running down your arm. By far the best pie in town. Sorry your pie too, but big mouth Larry makes a slice big enough for even his gaping yaw. And I am a size whore when it comes to pies.

Of course, this slapdashery is all meant in jest. But so is Larry


I have to say I love Le Rouge's pizzas and im not sure about the other places here but Le Rouge has great Calzones and Pasta as well. Also Great Crepes for dessert as well. Francis is a great friendly guy too so my vote is definately Le Rouge. The Super Mario Calzone with extra mushrooms is what I alway get when i make the trip from far Danshui


Fee wrote:

I’m from the New York area. New York pizza in not traditionally thin crust. Pizza from the average slice shop is a medium-thick, slightly chewy texture. That said, I’m still looking forward to trying this place when I get to the area sometime.

Mother Theresa wrote:

Good suggestion Mother Theresa. Ever try it with whole wheat flour?

Prince Roy wrote:

Chicago Pizza

Is Chicago Pizza still open? After hearing Price Roy and Josefus rave about this place I finally found time to try them out. They are a fair distance from me which is what took me so long to try them. Went there both Wednesday and Thursday night and they were closed both nights at 9:30 and 8:30 respectively (thanks by the way Prince Roy for the great directions).

Anybody know what’s up with them?


Seeing as they close at 8pm (2000), you showed up too late.


:laughing: Good job New Yorker's weren't in charge of the space program.



Oops! I misread the time. :laughing: I never was good at military time. It just never occured to me that a pizza joint would close at 8 pm. Even Domino's closes at 9 pm (Mon-Thurs), which is still early to me. How do these people stay in business? Anyway thanks for pointing out my error. I'll try to get there before sundown next time.


It's just him and his wife, which explains the hours. Plus, these guys are open every day of the year, except for maybe one day. Hope you are able to check them out.


OK, the OP may be long gone, but the answer to the question he asked has finally arrived in the form of New York Pizza Kitchen.

This newest contender for the best pizza in town serves the old fashioned NY style pizza the OP was asking about (the thin kind that allows you to fold up to eat). Half of the pies on the menu can be sold by the slice. While I wouldn't call it the best pizza in Taipei just yet, I was very happy with the mushroom pizza I had and will definitely be back to try some of the others. They also have a nice looking brunch menu for the weekend.

They're on Anhe Rd. just north of Renai, right around the corner from NY Bagel.


Isn't that by the same people that run N.Y. Bagels? I saw some ad about it last time I went to N.Y. Bagels...


Incubus wrote:

I've said it before (probably somewhere in this thread, I'm too lazy to go back and look) and I'll say it again. New York pizza is not thin crust but a medium sized crust for the base and a semi-thick outer crust. Not sure if you are referring to classic style thin crust pizza (ala Alleycats) or just saying thin as opposed to Chicago style deep dish pizza. Closest pizza to real New York neighborhood style I have found on this island is Costco's plain cheese pizza and at Papa John's in Taichung.

Thanks for the heads up Incubus. Always glad to hear about new pizza places in Taipei? By the way, how were the prices? Anhe Rd joints are usually pricey.


Their pizza is definitely not the thin crust that Alleycats offers (which is kind of crunchy). They're the foldable kind, moist and doughy but thin. If you tried to fold a slice of Alleycats pizza it would most likely break apart. So I think it qualifies as traditional NY neighborhood style za. The pies are 16 inches, which is large by Taiwanese standards.

One large pie and a very good "Central Park Salad" set us (party of 2) back $900 something. Not cheap, but well worth it. (We had to bag half of the pie we couldn't finish and it was still good the next day coming out of my toaster oven.) They also have lunch specials which are much cheaper.

Given their names, their proximity and the fact they're offering weekend brunch, I wouldn't be surprised.


Don't know if this place was already mentioned, but as their new store is opening up right across the street & offering a 2-for-1 slice deal, I figure I might as well check it out.