Chewing tobacco


Anyone know where to get some chew? I know it can be bought in Tien mu but thats kinda far. I need to quit smoking before I cough up a long please help.


Picking your nose and eating it in public would be a much less disgusting habit than chewing tobacco. Just my opinion.


Ray...are you looking for leaf, Beechnut or Red Man etc., or Skoal or Copenhagen?

That might help someone give an actual answer instead of going church-lady on ya.

And no...I do not know, but it should be somewhere here. Just stay away from that beetle nut stuff.


Yes, I guess your teeth, tongue, and lips are better to spit out than your lungs.


I have a friend down here who chews.

He picks up his pinch at a little shop called Patinas somewhere down in the combat zone. Directions are a little vague, but starting from the Montana pub it's two blocks over heading south back toward Minchuan East Road.

Hope that helps.


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I have a Taiwanese friend who wants to buy some chewing tobacco. Either leaf or dip will do but leaf is what he really wants. Are there any updates to places where he could purchase the stuff?


just start smoking weed.

it's less harmful than tobacco and it's much more relaxing and better buzz.

i don't see the intrigue of smoking. pretty damn mundane. A joint a joint my friendship for a joint


I'm trying to be a good forum citizen and not rattle Dragon Bones' cage by posting a new topic. :bow: That said, my question is related but not identical to the question of the op.
I recently asked a friend to send two pouches of Beechnut Wintergreen and some pipe tobacco by USPS, but he informed me that the post office would not allow it. Is there any way to legally order/mail/deliver these items from the US and get them to the rock?
thanks in advance for your replies y'all.


Don't declare them as tobacco, the problem is on our in and not the US. Taiwan wants its cut of any tobacco products sold in Taiwan. Customs has seen my pack of Camel lights but still let me keep them without grief twice now.


This may solve part of your problem:


you can buy dip at Wellman's in Tienmu (just south of TAS), they stock a few flavors of Skoal and some Copenhagen. if it is 'too far' you just don't want it bad enough.

I have also found Kodiak and various other ghetto brand dip (Fiberglass, yum!!!) at head shops in various night markets. Just north of the main train station there are a bunch of small lanes with shops on them. there is a shop named 'Marijuana' (seriously) that sells bongs and papers. they also sell dip.

You likely won't find plug, bandits or Redman on this island as they don't travel as well.

Dip tends to dry up quickly here, or is often a bit dry when you buy it, fear not, just add a little Kahluha and you'll be good to go.


Wellman's no longer carries it, in fact, you'll be lucky to find it anywhere. As of the beginning of the year, (according to several locals, I personally did not read about it) the gov't slapped a prohibitive tax on US tobacco products, which doesn't affect ciggies cuz they're made in the Philippines (at least Marlboro is). I hit Wellman's in April of this year and was told they will not carry it again. Not a big loss since they were gouging us--NT280 a tin.

There is a place called Smoker's Inn on an alley off Anhe Rd., not far from China Pa. Ines (the owner) used to stock Copenhagen, Skoal, etc., but no more. In 2009 she was charging almost NT300 for one tin. PM me if you want the address. Right now Ines is stuck with this weird shit from Denmark called "Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco Bits" that will not satisfy any smokeless user even if you put the whole pack in your lip at once. It's seriously fucking gross. And she gets NT280 for it. Well, actually, no one is buying it.

The alleys north of the train station have been picked clean of smokeless tobacco since last November. I, along with several other hardcore smokeless addicts, bought everything we could get our hands on. There's a shop near the Living Mall that might--might--have a few packs of Redman that the shop owner has stashed somewhere.

The 'Marijuana' shop doesn't have it either. The head shop in Ximendeng pedestrian mall had it once. Night market prowling will prove to be futile, but knock yourself out.

Meanwhile......some of my Swedish friends turned me on to snus, which you can't buy in Taiwan but you can order it online. Snus comes in two general varieties, packets (or pouches) and loose, the latter of which is very similar to Copenhagen but considerably more moist and (so it goes) much more healthy, i.e it hasn't been proven to cause cancer. Check out: Prices are in SWK but easy to figure. Once a month I order two sleeves (20 tins) of "Thunder Extra Stark Losssnus", delivered via Swedish Post, all told about US$75=approx. US$4.00 a tin, which is way cheaper than in the States and--this is the best part--arrives in about 3 to 4 days. Again, PM me for details.

Taiwan sucks for smokeless users. Betel nut is not an alternative, perhaps even more disgusting that dipping. I make one trip a year back to the US and always bring back 4 sleeves (40 tins) of Cope Long Cut, which I have never declared at customs and one ever asks. Don't put it in your checked bags, either. The dog might find it. In which case, you'll have to pay some fine and a tax on the weight of the tobacco over 450g. Snus is a much saner way to go.


雙城街﹐18港 18(?) 號
Small store, not open Sundays
They usually have Copenhagen, both long cut and regular.


bummer, back to bringing in sleeves of dip.

is it just me or does TW get perpetually shittier?


Haha! No, it's not just you!


Really? Cool. Could you name the address in English? How much per tin?


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NO teeth :smiley:

Thanks, Grandma.


there's a place i know of that just got in 3 different sleeves of skoal. 1 each of peach, cherry and wintergreen. they've had redman pouches and a variety of other leaf so i know they have a connection. the cost is not much different than back in the americas but someone snuck in and snaked everything last week. i cajoled them to get in the last shipment so if you're interested, send me a message on here and i'll get word to them that there is more interest. and no i won't tell you exactly where it is.