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Has anyone had a porceline vaneer done in Taiwan? I had porceline vaneers done on my front two incisors after an incident. Unfortunately, one recently broke off and I need to get it replaced. In the US its a really expensive procedure. I have priced it here in Taiwan and have gotten from NTD 16,000 to 20,000. I am not so concerned about the cost. I just want someone who does a good job.


No, but I should have one done, but the "temporary" fix my dentist did has lasted two years...

He's very good and he's very near the C.K.S memorial hall MRT station, exit 3. His number is 02-2341-8118 but I don't have the name. He speaks a bit of English as well, but I'm not so sure about the staff.


Anybody had a single tooth implant done in Taiwan? Interested to know what this would cost. I was at a neighbourhood dentist last night and he said it would be in the region of NTD75k, which sounds like a lot of damn money. I doubt even private medical insurance would cover this as it would most likely be considered aesthetic...


Where is the Dr. Wells clinic?


Can anyone tell me about how much it would cost (with no insurance) to get a proper teeth cleaning and a filling (I think I have a cavity sigh). I am in Taipei city. Do the dentists tend to tell you you need a root-canal when it is is only a filing here? And any new dentist recommendations (preferably with no obvious ego LOL)



I had an 80,000NT implant.
Wednesday I'm going to get a gold cap. I was afraid I was going to need a root canal, but he said no. A gold cap is 15,000NT and a ceramic one is 20,000NT. But gold is stronger and looks cooler.


Yeah well, those things aren't cheap here, but having a filling done is afik.
I need a 15k cap as well at some stage, fingers crossed this "temporary fix" will hold up a while longer...
I also need to have a root canal redone that I had done in the UK after a dentist there fucked up a tooth of mine... :frowning:


Dr Zhang
Yangmin Hospital 2nd floor
02 2835 3456 ext 6233

i have been to see many dentists in Taichung and Taipei and this guy is the best. He is all about saving you money, doing a good job and making it a painless experience. His English is great, too!


I just wanted to check on the current prices and the availability of English-speaking dentists in or around the Shida/Taipower Building area (I'll happily go further if there's someone within easy walking distance of an MRT station).

I don't have a medical insurance card yet, but should in a couple of months time. For some reason, ever since I got here I've been losing crowns at a steady rate. They literally fall out of my mouth, and I've been holding off and holding off until my insurance becomes available; now a complete two-tooth bridge at the front of my mouth just fell out of my mouth this morning at breakfast and it, is, I'm afraid, less than attractive. I'll either need to get it glued back in or, possibly, replaced.

Does anyone have a notion how much something like that might cost, and where the best place to get it done is?


any good recommendation for Kaohsiung area? thanks


Another thing that may be of interest and relevance to others going through the same process. If you are having your wisdom teeth out as part of a teeth straightening process then the national insurance won't cover the cost of pulling them out. You must find a doctor that's willing to write down the reason as "infection" or else you will have to pay out quite a sum.
As I am in between national insurance overage at the moment I have to pay the cost until I can recoup it later.
The cost of having my four teeth out under general anaesthetic, plus accommodation for two nights and I.V treatment was 52,000NT. :astonished:
Good job I could take that much out from my bank account yesterday as I wasn't expecting to have to pay straight away.


That's odd. When I had a wisdom tooth out last year, at Taida Hospital, it was covered by NHI. I paid 150NT. It wasn't infected either. They just said it could cause problems in the future, or something.


It doesn't have to be infected, but the cause for removal must be something other than aesthetics or they won't pay. The dentist I had didn't even tell us he was putting the reason down as infection. He just assumed that we wanted it for free. Perhaps yours did the same.


Anyone have a strong endorsement for a dentist in the Xizhi/Donghu, or even Neihu areas? I need a root canal pronto, and searching for some able hands, hopefully not too distant.


A friend of mine mentioned that teeth whitening is a lot cheaper here, even if it's not covered by insurance.

Does anyone know this to be true or know any dentists that provide this service for a relatively low price?


I'm heading to Taiwan this September and I'm thinking about seeing a dentist when I'm there. I recently went to a dentist here in Norway and they discovered I had some holes that needed to be fixed, I told them about my trip so they gave me a sheet that explained which teeth and what had to be done in dental terms - I dont understand it anyway :laughing:

I'll be staying in Taipei for most the time I'm there, so any dentist in the Taipei area should be good... also I haven't got the insurance there, so I'm curious as to what it should cost to have something done. Back here they wanted something like the equivalent of 40-50 000 NT$ :noway:

Any suggestions?


I recommend Sam Chan Fai at Home Run Dental Clinic in Neihu.

I used to travel from Kaohsiung to Taipei just to see this guy, and I still go there now that I live in Keelung.

He is patient and gentle. He explains everything he is going to do. He speaks acceptable English.

Do NOT make an appointment with anyone else in this clinic, 'cause they are morons.


Right, I just got back from a dentist. They gave me a quote for all the work they thought they could do for me.
NT$278,000 in total.

Seeing as I do have an NHI card - does anyone know which might be the best public hospital for a root canal or two?


Does Anybody know about an Aesthetic (cosmetic) Dentist in Taiwan???... Currently I'm living in Kaohsiung, 4 weeks ago I had a motorcycle accident (it wasn't my fault... :smiley: yeah right!!!), hit one of my front teeth against the floor, two weeks later I noticed some discoloration in my tooth. I went to the see the dentist, he took some x-rays and told me that the nerve inside the tooth root got damaged. He took out the nerve (root canal):(.

I'm suppose to get a crown, but I don't want to. I have read about internal bleaching or tooth bonding, but this procedures must be done by an specialist.

I will appreciate any info you can provide me.

PS: I don't mind if i need to travel to Taipei, Keelung, Chiayi... I will do whatever it takes to get my tooth whitened.


can you describe what he has done to your teeth up to this point/which tooth is it/pics? Has he prepared it for a crown? What are the reasons you do not want a crown?