Good Gynecologists



I know this has been asked, but I really do need to know ... Does anyone know of an English speaking gynecologist in the Taichung area?



Does anyone know how much it would be if you don't have a jienbao ka? It's slightly inconvenient that I don't have one, but I'm hoping it won't be off the charts expensive. ><


I recommend Dr. Yao from Cardinal Tien hospital (耕莘醫院)in Yong He, Taipei County. Great, older female ob/gyn. Here's the hospital's website.


I've been to Cheng Tsung Lin OBS/GYN clinic on Heping E. Rd close to the Liuzhangli (brown line) MRT exit. The doctors there are pretty good, but use caution if they give you a short supply of medicine. Go back the day you stop taking to see if the infection is gone. Otherwise you will just get reinfected. The phone number is (02) 2733-7008. I think the hours are 9-12 3-6 and 7-10 each day except sunday.


Anybody know Bernice Chen's new hours or a phone number to call?? Last time I went to the hospital during those hours but the hours had changed...problem was, I couldn't read the schedule and didn't know her Chinese name.


Chung Shan Hospital's phone number is 02-2708-1166. We always just say Bernice and they know who we need. Another good gynecologist there is Jean Chang.


Thanks so much piwackit! Made an appointment for 4pm tomorrow!


Had a great experience with Bernice Chen! I felt that she really took her time and I didn't feel like I was rushed in and out. She actually took a culture and sent it to the lab, which hasn't been my experience with gynecologists thus far. Her hours are quite limited, only Wednesday 3-4:30 and Friday 4-5pm at Chung Shan Hospital. She also does hours at another PCC which doesn't accept NHI. Highly recommend! :slight_smile:


I had a nice experience at the Taipower Hospital (near Guting). They also did a culture and said it would be about 2-3 weeks to get results. I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but women over 30 can get a free pap each year, so the visit didn't cost me a dime.



I was wondering if any hospital here provides Mirena as birth control (and a gyno who can properly place one). I asked my gynecologist about BC pills, but he was very vague. I've been researching and Mirena seems like a great option.


Hi there. Shoot me an PM if you're still looking.


Still no suggestions for Taichung? I am trying to figure it out for like 4 years now, and still nothing I am happy with :confused:


Hi does anyone know any obgyn who performs abortion on short notice, no insurance and speaks english? I would very much appreciate it if someone had some info….thank you in advance.


The clinic I know of is located near the Dingxi MRT stop in Jhonghe. 地址:台北縣永和市福和路278號 電話:(02) 2922-6301 This clinic will do them same day, but I think you have to be there before lunch. I don't think they do them in the evening, but I'm not sure, so you could call and check. You do not need an appointment. The cost is about NT$7,000 I believe, insurance cannot not be used on it anyway, so there's no issue with not having any. I think a passport must be shown though. Dr. Liu is my regular doctor there, and she speaks English, so communication should be fine. Let me know if you need any other info.


Am looking for a good one in Tianmu/Beitou/Shipai area. English not necessary, but must be female and accepts health insurance.


Does anybody know how to get a hold of Bernice Chen at her private clinic? The hours she works at the hospital are super short... I don't care if I can't use my nhi card... Just would like to see her


Hi, I'm new to Taipei and am looking to find a hospital and doctor who specializes in IUI and IVF. English speaking as well :slight_smile:


If you are still looking, I would like to recommend the infertility clinic at the Taipei Medical University Hospital! Nice attending doctors with good English~ good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi, I am looking for some updated information. Has anyone has experience getting an IUD (Mirena) here in Taiwan? I am looking for an English Speaking Gyno that takes insurance.
Thank you!