Health Check


I posted this before but people in western countries are also getting re-immunized. Simply the immunization that most people received as a child has been found to be inadequate and people who have gotten an MMR have gotten Mumps and Measles even though that were immunized as children. I hope that clarifies everything a little.


On what grounds would you file for the extension or new ARC if you are not attending classes?


I would be attending classes, but that's not really what I wanted to talk about....

Whatever I'm doing, the ARC needs extending from 21 August, so I would like to know if I'm likely to have to do another health check (and hoping not....)


Same ARC? Nope. But you will have to pay 1000 nts for the "renovation". In the good ol' times they stamped your paper ARC in teh back, nowadays they give you a new one -same number- so also remember to take 2 pics of yourself.

Now, if you gonna get a job teaching then that's another story...


No, no, I know that it's not the same ARC, but that they'll give me a new one. :sunglasses: And also about the new photos (but I can just nip downstairs and use their baking hot photo booth anyway).

So, what you're saying here is that, unless I was applying for a work related ARC, then I won't need to trouble myself with health checks?? :wink: Not a chance that I would be even remotely interested in teaching work. I was going to say I wouldn't do it if my life depended on it, but I would - it would just really have to be that my life depended on it!! :laughing: :smiley: I LOATHE teaching! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, unless you have to do it in Panchiao, in which case you will have to go across the street and pay through teh nose. Honestly, can you live your yourself looking at what comes out of that photo booth?! :astonished:

Just kidding.

They are probably at that stage more interested in seeing stuff like a bank account -with lots of zeroes- and a plane ticket home than another health check...

To each his own. I'd rather be teaching. I love teaching. How's your Spanish?


I wasn't trying to be nosy, but it seemed relevant to what hoops you would need to jump through to extend the ARC. Best of luck to you.


Bless you, Craig! I didn't think you were being nosey, I just wasn't sure what part of what was relevant to my question!! :sunglasses:

How's my Spanish, Icon? Close to non-existant, why? Sir and I are planning on learning when we get home again. I can understand some, esp with reading, and I know roughly how it works (grammar aspects etc) from teaching myself and writing penpal letters with a dictionary and grammar book in my late teens and early twenties, and general interest in Euro-languages.

Bank statement with lots of zeroes may not be an easy feat given that it's in his name only..... Oh well, will concern myself with that in August. As long as I don't need a health check and, yeah, I get what you mean about the lousy photos, Icon! My ARC is ugliness incarnate! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just returned from Ren Ai hospital where I got my health check for English teachers. The fee has gone up to 1,660 nt. That's up 628 nt from this time last year. Tealit still has the old fee posted so this is a head's up.


What invalidates the health check? Is it only communicable diseases that represent public health risks or will they also screen for conditions like diabetes? I'm in the system as diagnosed and taking medicine and I'm trying to change schools. If it's the case where one punch on the key board means I have to go home, I can save myself alot of trouble by just buying my plane ticket now and selling all my stuff on Tealit instead of job hunting and apartment searching. If anyone knows where to find a list I would be much obliged.


Isn't it only TB & HIV that will get one booted out?


i think syphilis is also on the list of boot-outable diseases


*Warning: me being on line does not equal being really paying attention...
Que estemos en linea no implica que realmente estemos conectados...

[color=#4000FF][u]No estoy de acuerdo ni con tu frase en el ingles ni con tu traduccion del ingles al espanol.[/u][/color]

[color=#FF0080]Warning: my being on line does not equal my really paying attention...[/color]
[color=#0040FF]Que estemos en linea no implica que realmente estamos poniendo atencion [/color]
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No importa, es en broma. It was taken from a phrase a friend told me on MSN: Conectate! meaning Pay Attention!

Just to warn people that even if I am connected to cyberspace, I may not be fully alert.

Metiche? Enn es latino. Y peleon! :laughing:


Just got one today, 1900 NT at Far Eastern Hospital for the health check


I'm not sure if anyone's posted this yet, but the list of foreigner health check hospitals on Tealit is old and incomplete - here's a full list with 11 hospitals in Taipei (in chinese unfortunately):

Also I was expecting to have to do the whole fecal test, surprisingly after a 10 second heart check by the doctor, and x-ray, and a blood test, I was done - 40 minutes (Song Shan Hospital - super fast, hardly anyone there on a tuesday morning: On the form the vast majority of the health check items were stamped as "no need to be tested" (免檢). So either they've updated the testing requirements, or I just took the wrong test? :slight_smile:


My first and only health check 2 years ago consisted of taking blood, X-ray? pulse and my signature on a check list stating what ails me. It was rudimentary and cost 2000 NTD.


Can someone point me to a link to download/print the health check form? There's a copy in my contract, but it has my principal's stamp near the center of every page.


The real problem behind the increase in HIV infection is not with foreign also all over the country..


This would be very helpful indeed, if someone happened to have it. However, from searching around the gist I get is that the forms as well as the health check itself (aside from that whole fecious matter) are fairly "straightforward," whatever that means.

If someone did have a copy of the health form for printing available to share that'd be nice. I can't seem to find it anywhere online including on the hospitals that do health check's sites, but I may just not be looking in the right places, being dumb and all.