How to get Taiwan Citizenship - Primer, FAQ, and Resources


I think those who want to do naturalization are supposed to have a certain level of chinese. I don’t know whether the required level is that to understand those documents, though.


No normal Taiwanese person does. You need another civil servant, well versed in bureacratease, Taiwan legalese and gong wen elaboration.

I’ll ask my boss.



You need to ask the slave owners, Doc, not the slave! :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat:


As far as I know, slavery is illegal in Taiwan. Amirite? Maybe “indentured servant” is a better term.


Call her a domestic helper if you like. I’m pretty sure these terms all mean the same thing in catspeak.


I’m not that stupid. I’d like to keep my hide intact, thank you.




So it’s 6 cats’ and one dog’s mouths you feed. What are their names?


Icon, Lola, Didi, FeiFei, SerPounce, Jiji, Bobby.


Icon is a boy, Lola a girl, Didi a boy, FeiFei a boy, SerPounce a boy, Jiji a girl, Bobby a boy? Do the cats and Bobby get along?



Oops! :oops:

Six masters and one best friend. And Rowland says you can’t serve two masters! :rofl:


Is that what husbands in Taiwan are refered to nowadays?


Hey, don’t give those battle-axes any ideas!