Ounce Bar Speakeasy


There’s a new cocktail bar in Taipei, started by a friend of mine.
Here’s a review http://theboolion.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/ounce-the-world-class-cocktail-bar-comes-to-taipei/ (not mine).

It is actually two parts: a cafe in the front with gourmet chocolate and premium coffee,
and a cocktail bar /speakeasy in the back with custom, well-crafted drinks.

I haven’t been to the cafe yet myself, as i’m in the USA currently, but I’ve seen the amount of work put into the design, the menu, the staff training, the philosophy, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Website: http://ouncetaipei.com/

PS it’s not just for drinkers. The cafe in the front has really good chocolate and coffee, imported from NYC.
The back is more for drinkers :slight_smile: These aren’t normal cocktails… they’re more works of art

finally one of their creeds is to not be pretentious and make everyone feel welcome. So don’t think like this is an uppity place, because it’s not. (or shouldn’t be)

No. 40 Ln. 63 Sec. 2 Dunhua S. Rd


Bu Lai En was there on Saturday and raved about it on his blog:

theboolion.wordpress.com/2012/11 … to-taipei/

Sounds very cool. I am hoping to get there later this week.


Yes, if you read my blog post you may get the impression that I liked it :wink:

It really is a great bar. It is a REAL vintage cocktail joint with GREAT drinks and an excellent bartender.

Bar is open Tue-Sat from 7PM, starting tomorrow (but they haven’t had the official opening yet). See my blog or their Facebook page for details.


Sounds like it’s worth a look. I will go there soon!


Stopped in last night and was very impressed with the place. The owners are affable and the barman is a true craftsman. And the cocktails, well, I manned the wood for 15 years in a former life and never ran across such potent potables as Lee is concocting. An artisan of the spirits.


I finally got around to experiencing Ounce this weekend. I am very, very impressed and will be back.


Anyone been here lately? Do they close at 10 p.m. or what time do they really close?


Ounce cocktail bar speakeasy moved to Xinyi Road. The front of the bar is a small coffee shop called Bittersweet and there’s a secret door to go into the cocktail bar named Ounce.

Bittersweet also serves some cocktails so it’s all good to go and they have outdoor seating.

Near Dugout Bar across from gas station.