Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]


You wouldn't be the first to say that.


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No stand so I had to rest it against me water bottle. Gary Fisher something or other. When the Bontrager tires are done I want to put some skinnier ones on. Clip in pedals and shoes are also on the list.


My Giant OCR 2. I traded in my old piece of crap hybrid, which I bought for $15K, and they gave me $8K on the trade-in. A useful policy if you have a Giant you want to upgrade. With trade-in and discount, the price was knocked down from $26K to only $14K. The bike has since been discontinued.

I had the front triple 50-39-30 swapped for a smaller 48-36-26 and the rear cassette swapped for an 11-28 for better hill climbing. I suck at hills.

I spend most of my time on the bike on the hoods, so have brakes up there too.

Rack is permanent. Not only more stable than removable rack, but protects the bike. Like when you lean it on stuff, or when you are hit by a car.

I bought a set of Mavic Open Pro wheels with Shimano Ultegra 6700 hubs online a couple of months ago and still pretty jazzed about them. They are lighter than the stock Alexrims that came with the bike, and seem to soak up the road better. Tires are 28mm Continental Contacts, since I ride like an old lady, I like things stable.

I also added clips. Originally I used mountain bike shoes but screwed up a tendon in my left foot, so I ordered some Shimano sandals online and love them.

Only remaining thing to upgrade is the Sora shifters, which I hate. Lots of extra hand motion, and they aren't very precise in shifting.

Pic taken on 9 above Toucheng.


Does anyone know if any Giant stores in Taipei have a similar trade-in policy? I've got the same OCR2, and I've been hankering for an upgrade (up to 105 components, better wheels, better saddle, a more pimp-like paint job), and it seems straight up buying something like a TCR Composite 1 is a better deal than upgrading piecemeal.


I do. Unfortunately. "Look, Ma! Will you take a look at me Happy Robot dance. Sure I'll wow the girls at the school disco with these slick moves!"
I'm also 99% certain that under those jeans, you have your t-shirt tucked into your pants. In fact, that's not the ONLY thing that hasn't changed a bit! You look as gormless then as you do now. Congratulations!


Couple more of mine, I added a headlight cum torch and some mini-panniers. pleasantly surprised with this entry level Merida, although I think I'm a bit big for the bike.

That's Xiao Jinmen in the background.

Xiamen Exhibition Centre Hotel in the background.

Nice ride on the boardwalk today - nice cloudy, stormy weather. Good for photies..


Just walk in and ask. But I've heard they do. My own shop has a small TCR 1 composite on sale for 49K as is. Bet they'd take a trade in.


I bought this 2008 (?) Giant XTC SE V second hand for $13,000. Brand new it was about $24,000. I think I got a pretty good deal as there were just a few scratches, no rust and was in great working condition. I love this bike! I upgraded the brake pads and put on a rear rack. There are no eyelits on the seat stay for a rear rack, so I had a different style seat clamp installed. Now I can attach a rear rack to my seat clamp. It's a great Taiwan tourer. I'd eventually like to change to disc brakes and change the handlebars to more of a touring-type handlebar.


My new wheels at Xiaogetou.

After asking around countless stores, I ended up finding a Giant store in Zhonghe that took my old OCR2 as a trade-in and I bought this 2009 TCR Alliance for 38k (original price 49k). I'm now once again the weak link in the bicycle-rider combo.

Initial impressions: God am I glad to be rid of my old triple-ring half Sora, half Tiagra set-up and the constant vain attempts to eliminate chainrub. I'm loving this new 105 set-up. No more clunking noises while changing gears and no more chainrub when I'm in my highest gears going downhill.

The frame is a tad bit lighter, but that's usually negated by the amount of water I tend to bring when I go uphill in the summer. My old frame had a nasty gash on the top-tube, so I'm digging the new paint job.

The combination of the new wheels and half carbon, half aluminum frame absorbs pothole so much better than my old bike. I was able to shave at least 3 minutes off my descent down the Beiyi Gonglu because I didn't feel like my bike was disintegrating after each pothole I hit at 45km/h. I did some sprints yesterday afternoon on the bike path north of Dadaocheng (one of my favorite patches of asphalt in Taipei if you go late at night or on weekday afternoons when no one's around) and it felt rock solid at 50 km/h, whereas my old bike would moan and creak.

The saddle is a different shape than my old one and I haven't quite found the perfect position for it yet, which is aggravating me. Also, the lowest gear in the back isn't as low as on my old bike, so going uphill was a bit rougher on my knees. I'm pondering whether to switch the rear cassette or just get in better shape and stand more on the steeper inclines.

As to that Giant store that took my old bike as a trade-in, I would recommend NOT going there to purchase your bike. I found the laobanniang there to be pushy and not very helpful and their selection of components and accessories lacking. Still, if you know what you want and you're looking to trade-in your old Giant, it might be worth a shot. It's on Chenggong Lu, just north of the 106, in Zhonghe.


Never saw this thread and have just read all 13 pages - its like bike porn. :laughing:

Will have to post some pictures soon. Put 1500km on the bike since May although there has been a new frame in the interim due to a small incident involving a wall.


This photo was taken a couple of months after I bought the bike. I spec'ed it with a full Campagnolo Centaur drivetrain, Proton wheels and an ErgoBrain. Eventually I swapped the 53-39 double for a 53-42-30 triple Centaur-Chorus mix. The back end remained at 12-25. I got tired of worrying about falling over on short steep hills while clipped in.


Wow, really? No-one’s got a new bike on here for the past two years?

As for me, Wookiee kindly gave me a nice double-butted 7005 aluminium frame a couple of weeks ago, and even some bits to put on it. That coupled with some parts I had spare and a few new purchases and I got this built up at the weekend:

I’ve only had time to take it out for a quick ride, but it feels very nice so far. Just needed to lower the bars a LOT from what you see here, but pretty much everything else felt great. Very mountain-friendly gearing.


That looks great! :thumbsup:
We’ve got to have a test trial day.


This thread hasn’t been added to for a while, I’ll bump it with a pic of my 2011 TCR Composite 1.
Some time in 2012, I went to shopping with the intention of picking up a Defy 1, I saw this TCR hanging on the wall and fell in love with the look of it. I got a great deal on it as was the previous years model.

With a set of omega compact bars now installed, I love everything about this bike, it rides like a dream. The carbon frame is amazing.


Just bought me an urban trial bike…


oh wow that urban bike looks sicccccccccccccccccccccccccccck. :smiley:


[quote=“Gary78”]This thread hasn’t been added to for a while, I’ll bump it with a pic of my 2011 TCR Composite 1.
Some time in 2012, I went to shopping with the intention of picking up a Defy 1, I saw this TCR hanging on the wall and fell in love with the look of it. I got a great deal on it as was the previous years model.

With a set of omega compact bars now installed, I love everything about this bike, it rides like a dream. The carbon frame is amazing.

Nice! I’m a TCR fan, too. I like the look of those bars. Might have to source myself a set…


I got them because I was looking for a shorter reach. They hoods are about 20mm closer than the bars than came with the bike. For me, they are also way more comfortable in the drops.


I’m resurrecting this thread because the cycling sub form looks so dead and I know a few of you here have not posted your rides yet!

The bike guru’s know that I’ve been researching like crazy for the past few months on a new entry level bike/accessories and I though it’s about time I showed you what your advice has bought me. Everything is stock on it, but looking into new pedals and shoes soon. The only thing I take pride on is the blue Giant water bottle that came with my +9,800NT purchase, have to say it’s limited edition :smiley: :smiley:

Brand spankin’ new at the store at around, July 8 (0 KM ridden)

Here she is this past weekend,Aug 9, by the Chunghwa Telecom satellites (450KM ridden)

Look out for me on YMS, I’ll most likely be the only one riding a Defy3, yet to meet a fellow Defy3 rider, up there on Saturdays.

Special shout out to bike gurus Ibis2k12 and urodacus
Also the members of the Unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club for your guidance!

Hit a minor speed bump with the color, but glad I went with 2014 Defy3 because the 2015 Defy Compact color was not to my liking.