Surprise! Your face is in our brochure. WHAT?


cfimages is correct. If you are in a public place, your privacy is not a legal issue. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with people taking pictures of you and your daughter. Just take it as a compliment. :wink:

If a stranger takes pictures of you or your daughter when you are in the privacy of your own home, or in a bathroom for example, then you have the right to defend yourself. Assaulting the photographer or damaging private property(smashing the camera) is illegal. You would have to go through proper legal channels to defend your privacy.


Comitting assault OK? I think not. Nothing gives you the right to assault people for taking pictures. How do you know the person is a perv?

Maybe you would not like a man taking photos but there are women pervs out there as well who could be taking pictures. If you are in a public place anybody can take your photo if they wish. They do so with CCTV cameras everyday.


yah true and this is not an Islamic country so doesn't surprise me :thumbsup:


So all the buxiban owners and non-teachers gang up on the poor guy and tell him to stop feeling violated. Isn't that a little like blaming the victim?

But really, I agree with them. I don't know how long you've lived here, but stuff like that is not worth a fight. You're going to loose no matter what. Even if you win, what do you think is going to happen; they'll throw away the 8000 brochures and make new ones that don't include your picture?

Steal a whole box of them. It'll make a great story in a few years.


So true in so many contexts.

At my last place of employment, where we were paid a psuedo salary. During full months we got a full "salary", but during partial months (holidays/school breaks) we received only a percentage. We were often asked to do extra events and such during full months, but received no extra pay, but that didn't stop them from reducing our "salary" during partial months when we worked fewer hours. When we tried to get either extra pay for extra work, or no reduction in "salary" for less work, the school simply changed everything to hourly and cut hours across the board by 20%. That's when I left, which turned out to be a good move because that school has cut hours for their foreign teachers by another 20-25% since that time.

I learned whenever I want to protest something that doesn't seem right, I ask myself how could they make it worse and then usually just shut up.


All of this is why I'm trying to work for myself now. Having a Taiwanese boss is generally not a good thing.


Having any boss is not a good thing. :smiley: Foreign owned can be just as bad as Taiwanese owned. I can remember a few foreign owned cram schools here that ripped off their teachers. There have even been foreign bosses that beat up their foreign teachers or when too pussy to beat them up hired thug foreign managers to do if for them. Like good people good bosses are where you find them. There is good and bad everywhere both Taiwanese and foreign.


Having myself for a boss didn't work out too well, either.

When I worked for myself, my boss:

--worked me too hard;
--didn't hire the necessary personnel to assist me;
--didn't pay me nearly enough;
--was very disorderly, often assigning tasks at the last minute; and
--took on tasks for which the outfit didn't have adequate resources, leaving me to try to resolve the messes he created.

In spite of all that, I would have stayed on, because he kept assuring me that if I stuck with him, we would eventually be in high cotton. But then one day that crazy, lying, cheapskate, slave-driving sumb**** went out of business!


:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:


You should have sued the loser!


I would do but the useless bugger is skint.


The rest of the story: Little bastid fled to Thailand or Taichi or someplace. Anyways, I hired a skiptracer and finally found him and got him to send me a few bucks every month. It ain't near what he owes me, though.

And he still wants me to go to work for him! He keeps coming up with these schemes. Of course I don't trust him any further than I could heave the Rock of Gibraltar.


Dangerous things, schemes. They always seem like such a good idea at the time.


I found handouts with photos of me from a school that I at from the Chinese teachers at the school that had my ARC. A few days later I was taking a taxi with the boss of the school that had my ARC and a bus with that same picture of me on the side passed by. :unamused:


This is one downside of looking like the 'ideal' western teacher. There's a school round my way that has massive advertising posters at every junction with this blond haired, blue eyed woman who stopped working with them around 4 years ago. I'd imagine that she'll still be the 'face of Victoria' in ten years time.


I'm fat, bald, short, nearing 50 with black teeth. Doesn't stop them plastering my ugly mug all over the place. Guess they're targeting a niche market. :smiley:


You're doing yourself a disservice, Jimbo. You've got more hair than me, although I've got more on my back.


Funny that my pic has never appeared in a brochure :ponder:


Maybe if you smiled more.


Thought I saw you on a movie poster . . . some action flic. :ponder: