The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!



If you were a kid growing up in the suburbs in the seventies, you were issued this album. It came in the mail with samples of TIDE. :notworthy:


I found a SWEET video for Ballroom Blitz, which is a SWEET song by SWEET.

It is by SWEET and not somebody else.


I thought this was the HARDEST thread, take this to the soft rock thread or somewhere :slight_smile: I got issued my copy of this too of course :slight_smile:

They took down My War off youtube. I've been listening to it every day. just so good


Yep. Next thing he's going to be posting Fleetwood Mac, Toto, Boston, Survivor, The Eagles or some other MOR/AOR pussy shit.


What? What? People are giving me a taste of my own medicine here for saying that I am putting up songs on incorrect threads :eh: .
Jimi and Tempo, I guess you, YOU don't feel like I do.
I think Fleetwood Mac is pretty good, but wouldn't post them here. I also like Boston.

What about Ballroom Blitz :ponder: ?


Fleetwood Mac is fine, just so long as it's from the Peter Green era.


I didn't post the Fleetwood Mac :unamused: . BTW, why did they have to kill Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill :cry: ?


I've completely lost track of what's been posted and what hasn't (whether here or in other threads), so if any of these have been posted, I hope someone will let me know so that I can remove it/them.




According to Wikipedia, the title of this song refers to "the bassist or guitarist really bursting at their instruments to create a hard noise (i.e., squeezing, or "wringing", the neck of the guitar)," not to an actual act of violence:


I dedicate this my scooter :cry: .


King's X ROCKS :notworthy: !

It's true. They just do :bravo: .


Has this been missed? These guys can play.


There is a new PRIMUS album coming out in about a month. You have to buy it to remain cool :notworthy: .



Somebody needs to bring this song back. And this needs to be posted somewhere.



My new ringtone: