WCIF natural or organic peanut butter in Taipei?


I hate that skippy shit with icing sugar and vegetable oil added. It tastes like sweetened, oily ass.

Carrefour used to have a good organic peanut butter, but apparently it has been discontinued. In Canada, you just go to an organic food shop and they'll grind your nuts up into a nice flavorful paste with a special machine. Or you can get good stuff in the supermarket. Who cares if you need to give it a stir? It tastes goood.

Can anyone help?


I can't help but I can tell you that some of the nicest peanuts I've ever had are grown in Taiwan in Miaoli, it's the red clay soil you see....


I feel your pain. Yes, my Carrefore doesn't carry it anymore either. Don't know if Costco hasit but they didn't for a while over the summer and I stopped looking.

The only place I see it now is in organic shops but it's NT280 or something for a half size jar.

I saw that 50/5o stuff today at City Super. Just peanuts and a bit of hydrogenated oil (rape, cotton, and soy). Not perfect but better than Skip my way to an early grave.


I buy a brand labelled 五惠 (Wuhui). There are two kinds - red label (sweet) and orange label (salty). "Salty" just means "not so sweet," so that's the one I get. It's made in Longtan township, Taoyuan County.

Wuhui brand salty peanut butter 350g



Costco. Kirkland brand.


Which costco? And recently?


That's the bad part ... clogged arteries, early grave :popcorn: have some popcorn


I bought some at the Jason's in Banqiao before, it was in the organic food section. Haven't bought in some time, because I brought some back from Trader Joe's this summer. :slight_smile:


Neihu, but not recently.


Many Philippine shop such as Elite on Chungshan North Road sec.3 sell this.


The Kirkland brand is "Dry Roasted Organic Peanuts and Salt". Nothing else in it. :thumbsup:


My wife makes and sells PB that is simply to die for. Her standard mix is about 66% peanuts, 33% almonds, some sunflower oil and just a pinch of salt and sugar. The almond/peanut blend is simply to-die-for, if you've never tried. And almonds provide a very healthy form of fat - in moderation it is quite good for you, with Omega-3s & such. We're in Donghu/Xizhi, and she has a half-dozen regular customers. If you are in the area and it sounds interesting, send me a PM.


Again, to beat a peanut to a mashy pulp one can spread on a piece of bread, have you seen this in a Costco recently?


I have checked both the Neihu and Xizhi stores for this peanut butter for months. And still nothing to be seen!

I think it is time to try out Opihiman's wife's blend in that they live in the same place as me!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No but I'll keep my eye out. BTW, I'm guessing they stopped selling it because locals didn't like the fact that organic PB without emulsifiers separates badly and has to be remixed by the consumer.


Not if you keep it in the refrigerator afterwards. :smiley:


Yeah, but if enough consumers don't know that, and are unhappy with the results, sales plummet, and they stop carrying it.


Thanks for all replies - this is information I am sure I will use.

However, a friend of mine just told me that one can make peanut butter in a blender: just put in roasted, unsalted peanuts, a bit of oil, a bit of salt and a bit of sugar if you want and then VZZZZZZZZRRRRR! Ta da: peanut butter!! Anyone ever actually tried this? It sounds feasible but can a normal blender do the tirck or does one need a proper food processor?


I just tried this, and it worked fairly well. I used roasted unsalted peanuts, and took off the husks. Then, I put them in the blender with a bit of olive oil and bzzzzzz. I had to keep pushing the nut mass into the blades - with the maachine off, of course - and it was a mess getting it out. But the result was not bad.


Carrefor had it for a while.... now it's gone.

Costco had it for a while... now it's gone.

My toast sheds a tear daily

(ingredients = peanuts, nothing else)