What are you listening to? (Part 3)


The new Rush album, Snakes And Arrows.

So far, pretty impressed, a solid effort. Best in a few years. Has a lot of discussion of faith, different approaches to it around the world, and person to person.


It's been a while since I've last had an album on constant rotation like I have with The National "Boxer." Sort of like a moodier Interpol, except with much tighter drumming. Here's a Youtube clip.



Maroon 5 - It won't be soon before long
Ciara- The evolution
Rihanna-Good Girl Gone Bad

All the pop crap that will give my brain a cultural cavity. :s


The Kinks, "All Day and All of the Night"

Heavy metal at its inception and perfection. Sandwich this between Queens of the Stone Age and whatever Death Metal band is current in Sweden and tell me which one rocks harder. 40 years on, hard rock still hasn't gotten any better than this.


I am listening to:


Steve Lawler Live @ Space, Ibiza Spain 07-02-2004 (Radio FG)


Vern Gosden - "This ain't my first rodeo"


1000 Volts of Holt- John Holt


Doc Watson - "The Tennessee Stud"


Sarah Vaughan in Hi-Fi 1949-1952

(this is not the album cover, but her previous album to show an era image of Ms. Vaughan)

At the dawn of her stardom, Sarah Vaughan signed with Columbia Records. She cut
numerous hits, but only one true album. This CD reissue, Sarah Vaughan IN HI-FI,
contains that masterpiece with numerous additional tracks one newly discovered tune
and eight previously unreleased alternate takes which uncover new Miles Davis solos.

Featuring Miles Davis, Budd Johnson, Tony Scott, Jimmy Jones, Freddie Green, J.C. Heard
and Mundell Lowe, among many others.

Recorded between 1949 and December 1952.

If you like Sarah Vaughan or female vocalists of her genre, this will delight your ears and get your toes tapping. The Miles Davis contributions are immediately recognizable to fans of Miles. This album shows his "straight" horn work as an accompanist to a great vocalist. His sidemen are superb in each of their own rights.

A great sunny Sunday morning listen.


That's something I would definitely like! I've got to get me a copy!

I'm listening to Mingus Plays Piano.
Though Mingus played bass, he always composed on the piano.
Pure beauty! Especially the track titled Myself when I am real.
Magnificent tunes for a Sunny Sunday afternoon.

At the end of one track, Mingus says:
"I don't think I can improvise man. It's not like..it's not like playing at home by myself."
I can just imagine what he did at home!


Wanna hear what the sandman gets a hardon for right now? Go to the link and ENJAH! Shave your head, get your sta-prest and Fred Perry on and get on yer skankin'. This stuff is the richest. 240 tracks o' dynamite.

Thanks to Funk500 for the link.


Yep, good stuff, s.

Was listening to 'The Infotainment Scan', now got 'Shiftwork' by The Fall on the pod.

'The working class has been shafted
So what the fuck you sneering at?
Your prerogative in life it seems
Is living out some ad man's dream
Idiot Joy Showland'

'In the league of mental short-arse
And you will never recompense
For your war versus intelligence'

'Hey pseud!
Why did you defect to the other side?
Hey dude!
Give the info a rest and use your mind'

'Every day it is my pleasure to meet
The league of bald-headed men.'


The Economist audio version. yawn Dull, but it's Sunday afternoon and I'm stuck in the office. Might as well get meself educated while I'm here.


I just finished downloading the complete Warren Zevon discography and I'm in heaven.


Everclear - Santa Monica


Thats pretty sweet. I am also listening to Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, and little HIM. I also listen to my own club mixes to check my blends and sound selections but that list is to freaking long to type.


Amy Winehouse.
Lester Young.
Bedrich Smetana.


Digitally re-mastered Uriah Heep.....yeah baby....

Rainbow demon......


Willie Nelson
Merle Haggard
Johnny Cash
Johnny Horton
Kenny Rogers

I'm havin' memories of a childhood in Carolina.