1/19 Bands + Beers + Beer Girls + Bargains + More!

Bands + Beers + Beer Girls + Bargains + other things that start with other letters of the alphabet


台中的現場樂團表演(Live Music in Taichung)將和芬達的秘密酒吧一起合作帶給台中人們一個前所未有的一整天樂團嗨趴。



活動的地點有別於以往在夜店,我們選擇全新、豪華、剛裝潢完畢的「金曲獎卡拉OK」,地址是”台中市市府路152號”,位於市府路與公園路交叉口的全家便利商店隔壁 (離台中公園約10公尺)。




Live Music in Taichung together with Venda’s Secret Bar are bringing you this all-day extravaganza.

We’ll have about 6-7 live bands (see below) and are making this show as cheap as possible, for your pre-Chinese New Year money-saving pleasure.

Drinks will be 100NT and there will be some of your favorite sexy ladies behind the bar, as well as out on the floor serving you.

This will be an all-day event, with pre-sale tickets only costing 150NT and including 1 drink (300NT at the door). We are keeping the price at an all-time low for us, and for Taichung – hoping that we can offer everyone something different, affordable and memorable to do on Sunday.

The venue (address below) is located right next to Taichung Park, which is the large park between Sanmin Rd. and Ziyou Rd., and near the Yi Zhong street night market. The venue itself [Golden Melody Awards OK KTV] is located one door down from the Family Mart which is across from the Gongyuan Rd. park entrance. It has the big letters, “OK” on the building itself. We will post a map later on this page, for you guys.

Check back later for more – as more information is going to pop up here every day.

Tickets are available now! They are limited to about 150 total tickets, to keep the inside comfortable. This is a new venue that most of you guys haven’t seen! Call one of the numbers below for tickets!


票價 Tickets :
預售票 Pre-Sale | NT.150
現場票 At the Door| NT.300
服務電話 RSVP/Ticket Hotline: 0975833259 (英文/中文)
電郵 Email Contact : LiveMusicInTaichung@gmail.com


.★★. 樂團 (Bands) + (MORE COMING SOON!)

Peaks ♪

The band uses a heavy, driving rhythm section to create powerful, melodic pop songs, held together with a heady mix of psychedelic blues, alternative rock and punk energy. A Peaks show is always an intense experience.


The Ever So Friendlies ♪

An English/Canadian rock band based in Taiwan consisting of singer/guitarist Shaun Armstrong (UK), bassist Craig Sigmundson (Canada) and drummer Arlan Bonwick (Canada). They formed back in 2009 and have since been perform original tracks in and around the island of Taiwan.

facebook.com/pages/The-Ever- … 1402990548

Reid ♪

Reid tries to bring everything they like to the table in order to create something that everyone can find enjoyment by listening to. They mainly just enjoy playing as well as they can, in places where they can connect to the audience and have a good time.


.★★. 活動地點 (Address):

Golden Melody Awards OK KTV Building
台中市中區市府路152號 | 152, Shifu Rd., Taichung

.★★. 贊助商 Sponsors:

Live Music in 台中 (Taichung):

芬達的秘密酒吧 Venda’s Secret Bar (in Little Holland):


**DISCLAIMER: All parties and events originating from this page are created by Taiwanese citizen(s) ONLY. Any and all foreign musicians, performers, or people associated with this event are UNPAID, and simply helping the party to be more enjoyable for the Taiwanese community, as this event is only done for fun, not for profit. Any money associated with tickets, entrance fees, or staff is solely for the venue owners/operators, and is not associated with this page. This page is for promotion ONLY. Again, this page is a non-profit page, not actually a business, and is set up for promotion ONLY.


  1. 未滿18歲謝絕入場、請隨身攜帶身分證。
  2. 所有飲料全部禁止入場。
  3. 嚴禁攜帶煙火、刀械、棍棒與玻璃瓶類的物品。
  4. 嚴禁攜帶、使用或販賣非法物品、藥品及危險物品,經查獲 將送警法辦。
  5. 本單位對於行為不當者(違法行為或嚴重妨礙其他消費者) 將帶離活動現場外不得再入內。


  1. Nobody under 18 will be admitted, so please bring your ID.
  2. No outside food or drink is permitted.
  3. No fireworks, weapons or other potentially hazardous items are permitted inside (not that you’d actually bring fireworks inside, would you?)
  4. No drugs.
  5. Anyone breaking any of these rules or generally being an asshole will be promptly removed and not permitted to re-enter.