1 - 5 terabyte optical disc!

It has been talked about for a while and I’ll believe it when I see it, but it looks like it may be here soon:

[url=http://www.mempile.com/]TeraDisc™ Technology

Disc Properties

Mempile’s TeraDisc technology uses specially-engineered chromophores encased within a special transparent acrylic matrix. This plastic is designed for robust commercial production using injection-molding, and for use with drive technology similar to that of DVD recorders.
Using a red laser on Mempile’s current media, the TeraDisc can record 200 DVD-like virtual layers resulting in close to 1 TB of data. With the refinements expected over time, the number of data layers will be substantially increased and other attributes like mark size and spacing decreased. Capacities of 5 TB can be expected.[/url]

Holy smokes. Imagine what you could record on that.

Audiobooks of the entire library of congress? :laughing:

Wow. You could set your bittorrent client to copy everything. And I mean everything. Not that I would do that or condone anyone else to do such dastardly business. of course.