1-on-2 tutoring rates?

Anyone got a quick ballpark on what would be an acceptable hourly rate to ask for doing once a week English convo-based class with a brother and sister in the 10 to 12 year old range?

ETA: In Taipei

For a casual convo style class, I think 600 is reasonable. For anything that requires more prep/effort on the tutor’s part, homework assistance, test prep etc., I’d bump to 800.

1 on 2, I was pretty sure it would crack at least a G

Sure, you could ask a thou for two. That would technically make it a reduced rate for both parties.

I’ve always been a bit more generous based on someone’s economic status. I just don’t have the heart to ever really make a lot of money, much to my chagrin.

600 is too generous for a private lesson. 1000 minimum.

Where did you find your clients?

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