1 Terabyte External Hard Drive, for MacBook - Where? $$$?

I need to store my images on one sortable media, so I want a one-terabyte external hard drive for my MacBook.

Will any drive do? And where is the best place to buy one cheap, and for how much?

Many thanks!

That’s a lot of ‘images’…

I have a Mac with a couple of external drives I use; it recognises anything. Dunno which is the best, though.


Here’s a few for you to choose from: shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=stor … _NO=AMAA1P
I’d got with a familiar brand name, as the warranty would be better. You might want to consider a model with built in RAID 1, although expensive, it means that if one drive would fail, you’d have an identical copy on the other drive, that is at least if you’re worried about losing your pictures at some stage.

AFAIK, you can use any drive. I’m not sure about prices etc, although I’ll be in the market for another external drive soonish, so if you could report back on what kind of deal you get it’d be could.

As the Lost Swede said, consider some kind of RAID. I have RAID1 on my internal drives, but not my externals.

You could also consider a swappable casing and stick a couple of 500GBs in that - it should be easy enough to expand in the future as needs require.

Why not get one of those Time capsule thingees? It’s an external hard drive and a wireless modem thingee.


I’m using a Western Digital for my videos. A Tb cost around $300+ USD but it’s highly recommended. I would suggest using a firewire one.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Why not get one of those Time capsule thingees? It’s an external hard drive and a wireless modem thingee.


Many thanks, everyone - I’m a bit of a techno-idiot.

HG, that’s advertised as a back-up device, but I could also just upload and transfer all my images to it, CD by CD, right?

Please use words no longer than two syllables in your answer. Thanks.

I wouldn’t get a timecapsule, those things are a waste of money and they’d be slower than using an external hard drive for your needs.
If you want something fancy, then go with LaCie, something like this lacie.com/asia/products/prod … ?pid=10967 if you’re really concerned about not losing any of your images.
If you’re still backing up on CD/DVD media, then something cheaper would do like this shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=item … P&ROWNO=45.
Depending on what kind of MacBook you have, you might want to look for an ExpressCard eSATA card as well, as this would vastly speed up your file transfer speeds over USB 2.0 or FireWire, in other words, something like this shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=item … -A28503750 but then you have to make sure that the drive you’re getting has an eSATA port. However, I think that’s only an option if you have a MacBook Pro.

Hey, TLS, thanks so much for all the info - I’ll take that all with me when I go shopping on Monday.

Cheers! :notworthy:

Well, I hit the computer stores on Bade Rd, and only one had a 1TB external drive. Considering the only slightly higher price for 50% more storage, I ended up buying a 1.5TB Seagate for NT$8,000, and I’m loving it!

I found out how to switch iPhoto’s designated library to a file on the new hard drive, so I’m now joyfully filling it up with all my images from the last 9 years and setting to work getting them labeled and organized.

Happy days. :slight_smile:

Aiyo! Sorry, Dog boy, I forgot about this. Sounds like you did well in any case.

I think that Time capsule thing is more than what you are after.