100 NT haircut?


there is a chain of hairdressers, JIT which does haircuts for 100NT. sounds scary… anyone try them? is it worth cutting ladies’ hair?


There’s one in NTU Hospital MRT Station that I’ve used several times. It’s OK. I’ve had worse at more expensive places, but then again I’ve had better too. My hair is very simple to cut, in any case.

If you want, give it a try. It’ll grow back if you don’t like it.


For last ten years have only used $100NT haircuts. I only want a simple cut and fancy places tend to have their own ideas about how they wasnt to cut my hair. Wife also cut twice at that price and was okay with it but you know women…the idea seemed worse than the result.


I’ve had $100 haircuts before. Not bad. My standards are pretty low because I often cut my hair myself (er, or my wife cuts it, or I start it and my wife finishes, and then I secretly finish it later because she has missed some bits). $100 haircuts are about the same quality as one of my DIYs but take a lot less time. They often use a comb and clippers simultaneously.

There is an ancient Chinese tradition in which the barber, having finished, removes the cut hairs from the customer by vacuuming his head. Few people know that Confucius himself invented the vacuum cleaner thousands of years ago (check out his eyebrows if you don’t believe me). So for the full cultural experience look for a place with a vacuum cleaner. You can always enquire, “Nǐmen yǒu xīchénqì ma?” which means, “Do you have a vacuum cleaner?” in Chinese. If they look perplexed at this and say something like, “Wǒmen yěyǒu jīmáodǎnzi” then you have found a disreputable establishment. For a Taiwanese twist on the tradition look for a place with a Sanyo (MIT) vacuum. The vacuuming should be included in the haircut price. Some places may try to charge you extra - if they ever try to pull this on me I just go home and vacuum my own head.

I would write more about how I’ve given up on shampoo entirely and switched to vacuuming but I’d be getting off topic. :neutral:


There’s no way I would pay more than 100NT for a haircut. It’s a simple job that takes 5 minutes. The vacuum cleaner is very efficient, and the experience is nothing like this.


For some “historical” reference (circa 1999 when I left Taiwan) . Used to pay 250nt at my normal barber in Taiwan, included a shampoo. Fancy places were bout 500nt to even 800nt. Retired barber and his, also retired barber, wife used to charge 50nt in Wanli. They retired from their jobs at a place in Hsimenting and made their living room into a barbershop. Super cheap and excellent haircuts. No shampoo. Go home and wash your hair after.

Currently over here in the Bay Area. Most men’s haircuts are about 12 to 15 US dollars, no shampoo. Mostly barbers tend to be Vietnamese here for some reason.

Never heard of vacuuming hair. Used a vacuum on my cat once. He didn’t like it.


the vacuum cleaner thing can be considered a blowjob, if you’re into that kind of thing. That’s the thing about barber shops, no?

woohoo! Three ‘things’ in one post!


Better than the friggin’ 150 NT haircut at the corner shop (old lady) where I always look as if I wanted to join the armed forced back in the 50’s. Need 100 NT for the automata in those 100NT-ones and there I go.


I think it really depends on your hair.

For my old man, he used to get those 100NT haircuts bc he barely has any hair on his head and is the same old cut. He used to go to the 100NT haircuts, but my mother constantly told him his cuts were fugly and he ended up with the sides lopsided. He upgraded to 200NT cuts after that and had no complaints from my mom.

Myself on the other hand would go nowhere near the 100NT cuts, call me crazy, but I would not pay anything under 600NT for shampoo/cut. However, I got some circa 2012 Justin Bieber hair going on, so it takes a little more time than the normal cut, buzz and vacuum. I pay 900NT for my hairdresser near Zhong Shan MRT that I’ve been going to for 4 years and I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ve also tried QB House chain stores which charge 300NT. Most of them located in the Taipei underground malls or train stations. They were ok when I needed a quick trim, but not a full cut.


There are hairdressers around Gonguan which will do a nice cut with the head massage and nice hair wash for 299 for men. Which is good.


I used to go for 600 nt$, but I found the 100 nt$ places give good haircuts. Now I won’t go to any over 100 nt$. I know at Xiangshan there is (still?) an old lady that does 80 nt$ (or also 100 nt$, not sure now) haircuts at the 代天殿靈雲宮 temple, right next to the path up the mountain.


I have cut my hair at Carrefour and similar priced places (100 NT?) several times. The only time they screwed it, was the last time. I haven’t sorted it out yet!


Surely not as bad as Garth’s “suck-cut” (“it sucks and it cuts”) :laughing:


Honey, this is the kind of question for the Women’s forum… There are other cheap options. Chains, cheap or not so, hire a lot of trainees. I would recommend a neighborhood salon, with massage and wash and all included, could be 200 ntd.

Yes hair grows back. Won’t be a tragedy. Back in my student days, I went to Shida`s hair salon. Please remember these were the days when the basement was full of stray cats and rats and… You get the picture. I had just started learning Chinese and I mustered what I thought meant “just a little, please”. As a result, I came out with very little hair, somewhere between pixie and military Jane. Yes, hair grows back.


I have never paid more than NT$100 for a haircut in Taiwan. Most of the time I just get a Short Back and Sides with the occasional fully shaved head - both of these styles seem to be a speciality for the 100NT chop shop. I very rarely see women in the place near me, despite the signs saying that both men and women are welcome.


Used to do it all the time… now I got a set of clippers… 15 self/wife-made haircuts in, I start saving money… :/…


whatever i pay i don’t really get what i want. the people cutting it always complicate things with their own ideas!


I usually take my son to the $100 MRT station places and I’ve sometimes seen women having their hair cut there. It’s a bit pot luck as to how good a cut you get. I took my son to a place at Dahu Park station once and they were finished by the time I came out of the toilet. Other times he’s had a great cut. If you aren’t very fussy it’s probably worth trying. Having said that, I’m not fussy and I would never get my hair cut in one of those places, lol.


Just a note about the vacuum cleaner cut vs. getting your hair washed for $100NT. Near my place there is a $100NT cut with the suck located next to a local supermarket. But there are 3 $100NT cutters located near Carrefoure who also wash your hair after the cut. You have to dry your hair yourself. It’s good value, and I’m very happy with the long overdue cut I got today. :thumbsup:


I pay 220 ntd and I get my hair cut, washed, dried and braided and/or set in a style of my choice, curly or straight. 400 gets me a half an hour oil treatment and massage. Only place cheaper was China.