*12/13 Stayin' Alive 活下去 Cancer Charity Event!*

What We Are Providing For YOU

FB Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/364323190415181/
Donation Page: http://igg.me/at/stayinalive/x

✫100% of the proceeds from this event will be split between the following two charities:
✫ Half of the proceeds to:http://www.canceraway.org.tw/
✫ The other half to:http://www.breastcf.org.tw/

12/13 六 Stayin’ Alive 活下去 Cancer Fundraiser (70年代迪斯可派對和癌症募款)

We are planning a large event on 12/13/2014 (Saturday) here in Taichung City, Taiwan. The event is going to be 1970’s Disco theme party, and we’d encourage you to dress accordingly, as long as you feel comfortable to do so! Here is a taste of some of the things in store for the night:

• Live Disco music performed by a professional 8+ piece band
• Other Live Music acts, including Live Vintage Electronic music & more
• Popular DJs with a wide variety of different backgrounds, skills & styles
• An art exhibit, sale & auction with artists contributing island-wide
• A true-to-life Disco venue, as close as we can come to turning back time
• Convenient and safe location, next to a bustling night market street
• Games and Contests with prizes from more than 8 local restaurants
• Professional photo, video & audio coverage of the night
• Important information about how YOU can join the fight against cancer

What We Are Asking From YOU

The coordinators, security, staff, designers, photographers, videographers, musicians, DJs, artists & everyone associated with this event are all unpaid volunteers. We have a very small team putting this event together. We are happily donating our time, money & energy to make this event unique and enjoyable for the community.

As this party is being independently and privately funded, we unfortunately have a very small budget to work with, mostly coming from our own savings accounts. Some of the costs that are incurred for putting together an event such as this are:

• Equipment Rental Costs
• Venue Rental Costs
• Transporation Fees (for equipment, art, etc…)
• Printing of Promotional Materials/Tickets

We are keeping the ticket price for this event extremely low (300NT including a free drink). The proceeds from ticket sales are our main fundraising source from the event, with the other funds coming from potential sales of the artwork, or simply from kind donations from the patrons themselves. If you would like to help, here are some things that you can volunteer or donate yourself:

• Providing your services as door, security, or wait staff
• Lending a helping hand to transport, setup, or tear down equipment
• Donating or displaying your art at our exhibit
• Graciously making a monetary donation on this website
• Buying a ticket to the event
• Offering a hand in promoting the event online or distributing flyers
• Or otherwise lending a helping hand where it’s needed

How Your Donation Can Help

As mentioned earlier, we have all had a friend or loved one that has been affected by cancer. Each of these friends or family members has had to deal with long, uncomfortable & possibly life altering treatments in order to try and stop the progression of this horrible disease.

Your donations will go directly to the foundations listed above. Once received, the money will go directly to awareness campaigns, treatment research & of to improving existing treatment facilities.
Any donation, no matter how small, can make a BIG difference!

What Your Donation Can Do For YOU

Any donation to this campaign in the amount of 300NTD ($10 US) or more will qualify you to draw a restaurant voucher worth 300-1000NTD ($10-30 US) from a hat on the night of the event, until we run out of vouchers. More than 8 local restaurants have agreed to donate vouchers to help us out, therefore there will be plenty to go around.

Upon donation. please be sure to send a confirmation e-mail to: LiveMusicInTaichung@gmail.com with your First & Last name, Time & Amount of your donation, that way we can be sure that you are properly registered for the drawing.

  • You must be physically present at the night of the event or send a previously agreed upon representative in your place in order to claim any prize(s).

Other Ways That You Can Help

Sharing this event, sharing this donation page, or simply feeling inspired to go out there and make your own charity event are all great ways that you can make a difference in the fight against cancer!

FB Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/364323190415181/
Donation Page: http://igg.me/at/stayinalive/x

Tickets can be bought at all of the following locations. Thanks for your support of these great charities.