12 days a conscript


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I just realized I can finally do the E gate thing for the airport. I couldn’t before because I haven’t completed conscription and needed them to see the stamp.


Then be thankful you’re a Taiwan citizen Andrew. This just in…



Thanks for your info. I just would like to ask if is it possible for me to do the 12 days conscript because i have slip disk on my lower back. Or is it possible to be totally excempted from service?


Hey so here’s the thing. If you read what I wrote, once you report, you can file for medical reason to do the 12 days. But once you report, you report. There’s no backing out or leaving the country if they reject you for the 12 days things. You should contact the office of military conscription and ask to be sure if that qualifies.


Ohh… So i guest there’s no other option for me. Thanks again! Helped a lot!


To be honest I would guess you’d be approved. There were people there with pretty small medical reasons. Worst case eat McDonald’s every day for a month before the physical and you’ll probably be approved for it for high BMI or like high blood pressure or bad liver functions.


I don’t think i would like to try the McDonald’s thing :joy: but thanks for the idea though… Another question, is there a best time/season to report for service? Because i already violated the 183days of stay per year… So i was planning to report next year… Just not sure when is the best time…


That’s a hard one, when you report and when you serve can differ my months depending on when you report and which branch you get put in randomly. However, if you get approved to do only 12 days you usually do it a month later. Also once you get the letter to serve, you have two options. You get one warning. Means you can report you overstayed and should be allowed to leave the country. Or you have to report the time they give you and go to the physical in the time and place they give you. I would however not recommend you go in the summer. Most places don’t have air conditioning. So anytime besides summer.


Of course there are options. I know guys who have been given leeway -alternative service- because of flat foot, eye conditions, etc. that seem too mild but work. I think most chronic conditions would exept you from actual combat training, let alone reduced sentence - already reduced as an Overseas compatriot coming back.


Thanks for the tip @Andrew0409
@Icon i think i have heard about those alternatives. But is it true that it takes longer time? Like some says thay alternative services usually last for a year or 2. Not really sure…
Some of my co-worker also said that i could be exempted from service due to my back problem… Do you guys have an idea about this? I honestly would prefer to be excempted, but i think 12 days conscription wasn’t so bad…


If you do this 12 day service after the MLB post season, especially in November or October, that’s when you get a bunch of minor leaguers in there serving with you. Sometimes you get lucky, and you’ll get major leaguers.


2 year services has been out of the window for at least 20-30 years. Males who are currently in their 40-60s were the age group (and era) in which 2 year military service was the norm.

Nowadays if you were born after 1980, it runs anything from 4 to 11 months. I don’t think there’s an official rule showing you how long your service is with accordance to your birth date, but this is just from my personal observation. My cousin, born 1989, did 11 months, the intern who sat next to me, born 1994, did 11 months. One of the kids on the cycling team, born 1996, is doing 4 months.

With your health issues, I most of here won’t expect you to have to do too much time, but we can’t guarantee anything.


Most people I know that qualify for some kind of alternative service have a college degree, BTW. It used to be longer, now it is shorter and shorter. One year and a couple of months tops, me thinks. Stuff like aiding in elderly shelters, guides at museums or messanger for government entities.

Compare that with scrapping coral while dragging yourself on your belly through what they call Road to Heaven.


Yup. If you’re a pro athlete With ROC nationality. You qualify. I could have taken a pro fight for small amounts of money and prove that I’m a professional fighter now. Even with one fight, because once you turn pro you are pro as a fighter. Or amateur for the olympucs also count.

@JonSteven so if you want to qualify and only to do 12 days for sure. I can train you as a fighter and get you a pro fight somewhere in 6 months of training. Still shorter than one year.


@ranlee Thanks for your info… But i know men who are born on 1994 are to serve maximum of 4months only, as that is what they told me when i inquired about. It sure is shorter than the previous era, but i would still prefer the 12 days haha.

@Andrew0409 haha classic! Thanks but i don’t think i can do stuffs like that anymore. I mean it’s cool but my doctor really wants me to avoid physical activities as much as possible, even jogging! Because he said it could worsen my situation, but i still do it sometimes and also some simple work outs :joy:
That’s all I’m worried of, that’s i why i really wish not to serve. I can’t afford to worsen my back and loose my legs… But I guess i will only know what’s gonna happen after i report and showed my medical papers etc…


@hansioux i don’t really get it about the minor leagues and pro leagues. What do you mean by that?


Minor leaguers are pro players. Majors leagues is the top 30 MLB teams that have farm systems teams in the minor league they develop players in. So pretty much almost all players start in the minor leagues to develop before they are promoted to the major league team if they become good enough. There are many Taiwanese nationals what are playing in the minor leagues. They get to do the shorten service because they are representing their country in athletics and a doing a full conscription can hurt their careers.

Also I’m not a doctor or a physcio. But I would get a 2nd opinion possibly on your back. Unless you’re like over 65 or the injury is truely debilitating, regular exercise and the right kind under a physcio and by yourself after some rehab time is usually good. Avoiding exercise usually makes it woRse and you basically waste away the muscles that are stabilizing your spine and you’ll possibly also create some sort of imbalance. It’s what I’m dealing with after almost 3 years of tearing my right LCL in my knee. I just rested and didn’t do rehab and got lazy. My legs are imbalanced I developed bad habits in how I walk and move my body that puts more strain on my left leg. I get tendinitis a lot from this in my left and un injured leg.