12-Year Migrant Worker

People, I am looking for answers to help a Thai friend to continue living and working at the company we both work at.

Long story short, he has been living here for about 12 years, his ARC is expiring January next year, and the company does want to keep him employed for as long as possible.

Information is rather confusing and does not answer many of the questions he has, so I wonder if somebody could lead him to a brighter future.

Should you need more non-sensitive information about him, let me know in the comments.


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I’m a little confused about what information you’re asking for. Can’t his company rehire him?

12 years is the current limit for migrant workers I believe. Can he get married ?


Or, can the company employ him as a white collar worker?

apply for extension

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As Brian posted, factory workers cannot extend for more than 12 years, in total I believe.

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Would need a degree. Company needs $5 million paid in capital and to get a work permit for a foreigner, there is a points system that requires a degree.

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Perhaps the employer can ask the Ministry of Labor to asked how many months they can give extensions to migrant worker - due to covid - I think MOL will give extension to migrant workers.

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Jo is right.

He should show the following page to his employer. It says how company extends his employment in Chinese.

I’m not sure if the following notice has been renewed for contracts expiring after Sep. 17.


Good news, but late for your friend.
In future there will be a way to get permanent residence for skilled migrant workers:


Saw this new development. Seems like eligibility depends on employer goodwill?


Hmmm looks like the noise from the drums I’ve been banging at my monthly meeting at the MP’s office finally went through.

But it’s not good enough. Need to bang some more.