15% discount at Eslite on Thursday


Here’s the situation. I have to spend NT$10,000 per year at Eslite to keep my discount card. Normally that’s not a problem for me. But this year I seem to be running behind in my spending there.

I’ve got a coupon good for 15 percent off the price of books at Eslite.

Since this Thursday’s get-together is near the biggest Eslite on Dunhua S. Road, is anyone interested in meeting me at the bookstore beforehand? You’d get to take advantage of my one-time-only discount; I’d get credit for your purchases.


Hmmmm, I’ve got a card also but it’s due to run out in November, I’d love to get some help to keep it if anyone would like I think it’s a 10% discount on books…

Sorry Cranky not in competition with you, just hope I can keep my card for another year as this year I haven’t purchased alot…

If anyone in interested I could also meet you at an Eslite bookstore in Taipei to get you a discount…


What, nobody? :? Oh well. Maybe some other time.