15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.


15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better. Full of friendly people with really good discussions. Now it is a haven for a bunch of xenophobic posters. The hostility on here is such a turn off. No wonder why every thread is populated by the same half dozen people who seem to be the only regular posters here. There is so much loathing of Taiwanese on here it is really sad.

Foreign English teacher kicks elderly woman's suitcase, curses Taiwanese on Taipei MRT



Depends on what you are used to I guess. I grew up on IRC and 4chan, so I find this forum very, very tame.


The old days.

Some of the posters of fifteen years ago were critical of local folks, sometimes very critical, assuming that’s what you mean by xenophobic (please note that the sentiments and thoughts expressed in the threads linked below are not necessarily mine):

Pet Peeves in Taiwan

What's the most whack thing you've seen in Taiwan?


I find it mostly chill ok. People don’t really flame or attack directly like other places like Reddit. People do get off subject a lot, joke a lot, or make inside jokes or comments that no one knows and all these can turn both the oldies and newbies off.

Even though I have a joke, I try to hold off until the discussion gets going and try not to get off subject too much.


impossible, I wasn’t here.


Tis for our entertainment only and the odd bit of advice for newcomers . There are problems that we love to complain about , like inefficiency , but everyone is aware their own Country is far from perfect . We choose to stay because we like it … for whatever reason . Complaining is a national pastime in the UK . It’s a hobby … :blush:


I feel people here are rather friendly. Might be different definitions of friendly?


I don’t recall things being any less or more xenophobic on the forum 15 years ago. Maybe SG’s skin is just growing thinner as ze gets older. Although it’s true that a number of posters who made valuable contributions are no longer active.

If anything, I used to be even more cynical about Taiwan. I guess I’m mellowing with age.


15 years ago, I was handsome!


Before the stress of driving through red lights savaged your features? :blush:


It seems many of them had talked on sophisticated things more often.


Maybe that’s why they all left eventually…they were just too sophisticated for a blue collar country like Taiwan. :sunglasses:


You can make a difference!


Wait…you mean Raccons, Cats, Dogs and Trump have no sophistication?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t know about 15 years ago, but 10 years ago there were some right grumpy fuckers on here. Check this out:

EDIT: crap, that was actually almost 15 years ago. I am so old.


They used to talk about Tang poetry and calligraphy and shit…real high brow stuff.


Did I say that?


Then a poet and a calligrapher learned some basic coding and they opened more dedicated forums.


I heard that everyone got along so well in the old days that some of them left and formed another forum-which-shall-not be named. : P

What I miss from days gone by are some of the really insightful posters–Northcoast Surfer, Mucha Man, and others–who have for various reasons moved on. For posters who remain active forumosans: it’s up to you (and up to us) to add value here. The situation in Taiwan is quite dynamic, with changes in laws that have for many of us dramatically increased the ease with which we can live here (I’m thinking here of all the efforts made by Forward Taiwan and other organizations to successfully push for change). There are obviously still many challenges living here in Taiwan and if this site can help us to navigate some of these challenges more smoothly–and also hopefully thrive!–then we have something really valuable.

Let’s make this happen!