15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.


I like how the above link from 14 years ago mentions escalators…

…also what happened to ermintrude? banned? loved reading her posts.


It’s way more likely any particular user just doesn’t come around anymore.


I remember her talking shit a bit and then seemingly disappearing. Too bad.


15 years ago it was pretty much exactly the same as it is now. Who were you then anyway?


15 days ago, this site was a whole lot better.


15 minutes ago this forum was much better.


I get it. I’m a very new member here, and I already have run into some very undesirable characters and offensive comments. There seems to be an “alt-right” sentiment among many posts floating around on here. The day I signed up, the largest trending post was a woman-bashing post asking why men/masculinity are being attacked these days. I figured I’d sign up anyway, rather than just let those voices hijack what ought to be the best forum on life in Taiwan on the internet.


There’s plenty of liberals here, including me. I just stay away from the threads discussing politics. Well, mostly. Sometimes I dip in, but I always end up regretting it. You don’t have to post in every thread. Just stick to the ones that interest you or are about life in Taiwan. There’s no one too offensive here… except that one newbie who hates everyone over 30 and claims to have bedded 200 women around Asia. But he seems to have disappeared.


That’s just a lazier version of my joke.


Same as I am now, just older.
I joined 15 years ago. When the site changed, I was unable to carry over my original username. Im not going to out who I was.


Chairman Meow? :cat:


I also see buzz words like “triggered” getting thrown around on here, but yeah, what you said is spot on! Just contribute to the threads that make you happy, and don’t feed the trolls :wink:


I would say it is pretty much split down the middle ( as is most of the World), and a little tongue in cheek because people are set in their ways , generally. There can be banter / Memes, etc, but from both sides of the Fence, which is healthy. The “Voices” are not Hi-jacking" the site, or undesirable because their views may differ from your own.
Welcome anyway :wink:


This thread:

Ugh. That’s pretty sad


The comments on that thread were pretty sad as well. Also don’t see why that would be the top thread on a forum about Taiwan, but hey, that’s the internet these days.


Diversity of opinion is a good thing. If everything everybody found offensive was off limits, there wouldn’t be much left. I find your labeling other posters with the loaded term “alt-right” offensive, but that’s OK. Everybody is welcome here.


I value diversity too, but there are certain lines I don’t cross. The problem with discussions these days is that everyone draws the lines in different places, and the other side invariably gets “triggered”. I got triggered by the comments in that thread, and I’m sure others will get triggered that I consider some of that content to be reminiscent of the alt-right. Maybe I should have said The Red Pill, which in retrospect seems like a better fit. Personally, part of the reason I love Taiwan is because I feel further away from the things about my own country that annoy me, so on this forum I don’t intend to get involved in such things (and i’m sure many would agree with that sentiment).


If you stick around a while, you’ll find that Taiwan has its own version of the alt-right, so there’s really no escaping in the end. As long as you keep an open mind, I’m sure you’ll do fine.


It is true we have lost some illustrious posters who have mooo-ed on to other pastures.

Some have returned under other names and personas and may have gasp matured or have otherwise been denatured.

And yes there are too few regular posters , perhaps they have gasp better things to do.

Oh well the only constant is change.


Some , writing their adventure stories mooo-ed onto pastures new , happy in their new Utopian bliss.:neutral_face: