1YO Black Lab Available for Adoption

A friend has a one-year-old black Lab available for adoption. No pics yet.

Let me know ASAP if you’re interested.


Sean 0920 620 109

[color=brown]Stray Dog, take the lab to the Guide Dog event on Saturday. According to my Taiwanese sources, labs make great guide dogs. Perhaps they will adopt him. I talked with Cher from the Guide Dog group today at the Taichung event. She assured me that once a dog is taken in as a guide dog, it is taken care of forever. There is no specific retirement age, but they are taken care of forever. It seems like a good opportunity for labs. [/color]

[color=blue]By the way, we had a great time today at the guide dog Taichung event. We had about 15 volunteers there and got lots of attention. Check out our website gallery for pics. [/color]