2.27 Shambhala @ The Beaver Dam [Pingtung]

On Tuesday, Feb .27th The Beaver Dam Bar in PingTung has an
international act coming to play that are one of the headliners at
The Mystery Land Music Event, as well as DJ ?SyntaxError.

If you see them at Mystery Land and want to check them out
again in a small, intimate club scene, OR can’t make it out there to
see them come on down to The Beaver Dam Bar. Going to be lots
of drink specials as well.

Check out their website at

Born Infinite’s first opus “The Mohammed EP”, had cemented his
position as one of DC’s Hip Hop elite; and to this day, the success
of Tru Skool is credited with ushering in a new renaissance of the
DC underground.

Agua, a native New Yorker known for his unique voice and
unparalleled wordplay, gave a spirited Tru Skool performance that
sparked an overwhelming demand for he and Born Infinite to
collaborate. In doing so, Born and Agua recognized their unspoken,
ancient connection ¡V thus manifested the Way of SHAMBHALA¡K

In 2004, Shambhala’s debut opus “The Lotus of¡K” shook the
underground and took it by storm, creating a windfall of press,
intrigue and thousands of albums sold. As their buzz and sales
continue to swell, it’s clear that Shambhala has defied the odds
and set a new standard.


Shambhala (Live)

Cover: Nt$300 (1 drink)

The Beaver Dam Bar
15 Gwong Fu Rd.
Pingtung City

[color=red]PS: Feb 28 is a holiday :wink:[/color]