2-3 day overstay question

I have an ARC/resident visa which expires in March. I’m moving back home so I’m not worried about work permits etc. Problem is I have to work on/till the day it expires and cannot make a flight that leaves the same day…nor is ther one on my carrier that day. What kind of trouble will I get in/what should I do (FAP, fine…) if I stay two or three days to shut everything down and take the first flight out on my carrier airline. Thoughts?

I overstayed 2 days once by mistake. I got a $1000 nt fine and a piece of paper stapled in my passport. It also disqualified me for landing rights (30 day stay with no visa whatever) for one year. They were friendly enough about it. I think you’re ok.

If you genuinely cannot get a flight out on the day your ARC expires then go to the foreign affairs police and get an extension. Bring your ticket and explain the situation.

Yeah, see if they won’t give you an extension first. I overstayed by a day once, a few years ago. The cops didn’t care. I paid the $1000, they said “Just don’t do it again, because you may not be able to get a visa,” and that was it. Hasn’t had any effect, but it’d be better not to go through the hassle.

Talk to the foreign affairs cops first, wear a smile on yer dial it goes a long way here. I know people who have made visa slip-ups andnever been let back in again. It’s partly luck of the draw, but then like I suggest, you make your own luck.