2 Acres Plowed at the River June 23rd

Hey All,

Finally gave my small group a name, “2 Acres Plowed”. We will be playing at the River in Chung-Li Friday, June 23rd. Be sure to stop in, try their great wings and enjoy some good music.

Also, if anyone is intersted, doing a little side show 3pm - 5pm on June 17th at the Tai Mall for the Taoyuan County Dog Rescue folks. Will be at the main stage on the first floor. Come by, say hey and give a little donation to help the dogs.

Proto -
Hell Son…thats almost as good as “Double Tree”, something some good ol’ boy pickers I knew in San Francisco came up with many years ago.
Give a holler if you’re in the Tainan area.
I think I have some karma points built up with the tai tai…:banana:

That’s a mighty fine name you’ve got youself.

Thanks guys. Hope to get up to “5 Acres Plowed” once I find 3 more folks to join. Drummer, base and Fiddle Player would be great!!!.. but for now… I do my best and I’ll keep ya’ll up to date where 'bouts I’ll be playin…

The show at the Tai Mall went great. The Taoyuan Dog people are there every Saturday, then at the Metro Walk on Sunday. I’ll do a Sunday gig for them next month. I’ll post the date.

This Friday at the River will be fun. I know the Peace Fest is starting that day but we’ll be playing from 10pm to midnight so on your way home stop by and say “Howdy”.