2 Ferrets Need New Home

Located in Tainan, 1 female/1 male
Female: 2019/10/01
Male: 2020/02/14

Like many others, income is down due to students’ parents not wanting students to go out and being afraid of inviting any extra people into their home for tutoring.

At the time I bought them, I had twice as much income as I do now and had everything lined up, financially, for spaying/neutering, best homemade food, best kibble, etc. I only just recently bought them, as you can infer from their birthdates, and fully intended being able to give them what they need.

Due to various problems caused by the loss in income, and the stress that came along with it, I really feel it’s better to sell them to someone who’s more able to give them a higher quality of life, like what I had originally been providing.

In addition, there are other problems that are personal to my son that cause me to feel they would be better off in another home.

The female, 榛果, is an absolute doll. I adore her so much. She’s an angora, and cost a pretty penny when I bought her. She’s been perfectly potty trained since day 1.
The male, 奶茶, is young and rambunctious. He loves to play and be silly. Definitely needs someone who either has the time to interact with him or who has other pets to play with him.

I’ve had to move them to a cheap cat food, because I can’t afford to feed ferret food right now. The male is quite a bit larger than the female, despite being 4 months younger, and eats quite a bit.

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