2-stroke Registration Transfer Ban?

The subject of the TW gov’t banning the sale and transfer of 2 stroke bikes pops up every once in a while here so I thought I’d just see if anyone has heard anything new about this. Is the gov’t gonna ban transfer of registration papers for 2 strokes any time soon? I have the opportunity to pick up a very nice RZR but am hesitant to do it as I worry that it may be impossible to resell two years down the line. However, I know how slack the TW authorities are with implementing this kinda stuff, soo… just wondering if anyone knows anything about this ever coming into effect?

Irrespective of the facts on your query (hadn’t heard about the no transfer, and 4 the very little IW ,don’t believe it) I’d say if you care enough to ask about the investment potential of an RZR, then you shouldn’t buy one.

I’ve owned an RZR (and NSR) here before, so I know about the parts scarcity, old age, etc etc. I am not expecting to make back what I pay for it - I’d be happy to get back 2/3rds or even half the price upon selling it. However, if I can’t legally sell it due to such regulations coming into place, then I’d be lucky to even get a small handful of blue bills - hence my query on the subject. Doesn’t look like there’s much news about any such regulations coming into place though, which is good… I do miss that addictive kick of a 2 stroke powerband (the one I’m looking at comes with a race pipe). I’d be buying it purely as aweekend toy as well; I have a trusty (but woefully boring) 4 stroke scooter that is my daily commuter.

There is another foreigner that I know a bit and he kept saying this too. I asked a few mechanics about it and they said they didn’t hear that. I don’t believe it, but Taiwan is Taiwan so who knows. There are still too many 2-stroke guys around and clubs, so I just don’t see that happening. 2-strokes are dead anyway and they will continue to die. There will always be a few enthusiasts like myself out there but they are few and far between. At the CSRT shop in Yingge, I would say half or more of his customers are NSR guys. I just don’t see this happening.

Thanks rk. I don’t see many 2 strokes on the streets of Kaohsiung these days (aside from poorly-maintained smoke belching 50cc scooters & gas delivery bikes), but it’s good to know there are a fair number of 2T enthusiasts on the island still. Cool… Guess I’m gonna get me an RZR!

I think rk1951 is referring to me. I had heard it from a shop owner that had nothing to gain by telling me. Perhaps he was the victim of misinformation himself though.

Its just misinformation to drive the price artificially up… :smiley: