20 Historical Facts That’ll Mess With Your Perception Of Time And History



Here’s a interview with the grandsons.


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Where’s the interview of his black grandkids? /jk

Posted five hours ago, and Minitru was here already! :astonished:

Is this the same one?


weird how they’d take Anne Frank/Auschwitz together with McDonald’s

There’s a similar one, but longer version on Bored Panda:

The Queen was born the same year as Marilyn Monroe? No way! That’s impossible! The very possibility has blown my mind. I mean, what are the odds!

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Yeah, but the turtle is pretty cool. :turtle:

And the tree. :evergreen_tree:

And this…

…is the sort of thing that would make a nice film, which it did. :slightly_smiling_face:

That 1843 “fax machine” is a bit of a stretch, though. :roll_eyes:

What 16 other shocking factoids are in the BP article?