20 Jokes Only Intellectuals Will Understand

If only intellectuals will understand those, we’re all doomed.

14 made me giggle.


The death of Descartes: after a long evening of wine drinking, Descartes’ waiter asks, “Would you like another cup of wine, monsieur?” Descartes responds, “I think not!”


Yuli walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “tell me a joke that only an intellectual can understand”.
The bartender looks puzzled.

It just occurred to me that no. 16 is wrong. The cat was observed by the bartender, and therefore definitely did walk into a bar.

It didn’t say that the Bartender saw the Cat, consequently it was both there …and not there. As you said if it was observed, then that changes things :ponder:
Don’t you just love Quantum Theory :discodance:

There must have been a bartender. If there were no bartender, the bar would not exist. :smiley:

They may have existed …or not … :roflmao: The customer may have been blind :ponder:


I must say I liked 18 a lot. Hugging bosoms in church and all that.

I dont get some, guess im not an intellect :smiley: :lick: