20% tax new rule?

I have been teaching here for 5 years and recently quit a job. I have been offered a new job at TLI and they inform me that I will be taxed 20% for the first 4 months I work there. I did this for the first 4 months I was in Taiwan 5 years ago and have never had to do this since. The job I got this summer had no such rule. Anyone know about this policy? Is there a new rule? I was planning on taking this job for a few months then going home for good, but if this is the new policy in Taiwan I will go home this month. Can someone clarify if this is indeed the norm now in Taiwan.

yes, yes and yes…there is a long thread on this somewhere already.

but you get it all back


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Although I’m noticing that compliance is spotty. Some companies are following the new rule to the letter, while others are doing whatever.