2013 GT Fury carbon frame.


Anyone knows where can I find a store selling a new/unused 2013 GT Fury carbon frame medium size?
Any links or website would be helpful.

Unfortunately, I believe GT has exited the Taiwanese market awhile ago. Some of the stuff might be made here, but I do not recall anyone dealing GT brand anymore. You might get lucky and find something second hand like these…



Another good way is to ask around the bike shops in your area. A lot of bike shops like to keep old stock and everyone knows everyone so they could get the word out for you.

Thanks for the response, it make sense now why I couldn’t find many online.

I was looking at GT road frame not too long ago and it was super discounted at 15,000NT. I asked around and a few friends were saying that if this was 5-10 years ago, it would’ve been double the price bc GT had a distributor here.

Word of advice, if you can’t maintenance your full suspension, make sure you find a shop that knows what they’re doing. Full suspension bikes aren’t very popular in Taiwan and there’s not too many mechanics that know the ins and outs.