2016 Taiwan Cycling Festival – Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday

The weekend of November 12th & 13th is the Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Cycling Festival. There’s going to be four cycling events happening, each geared towards different age and ability levels. I’ve already registered for the Songboling Challenge ride which is the most difficult ride offered, but it’s nothing like the KOM, this ride is actually manageable.

I’m wondering if anyone else here is planning on attending and riding?

I thought I’d ask to see if anyone is, and if you are riding in the same ride, possibly meeting up for the ride, and riding together. So, if you are, and are down to ride together, let me know. I think it would be more fun to ride with a small group then just alone for this ride.

Here’s a link with more info about the festival, and the rides themselves:


Hi @sasaafi

I not decided to travel to Taiwan for sure right now, but I’m thinking about to travel to Taiwan from 7th to 14th Nov.
If so I would join the Songboling Challenge for sure. I would really appreciate to join someone who also can help me out with the language :wink:
I will bring my own road bike. How do you travel to the Sun Moon Lake?

Regards from Switzerland

Hey there Thomas, sure thing, if you end up visiting Taiwan and joining the Songboling Challenge then for sure let me know and we’ll get in touch. I won’t be much help with the language situation since I’ve only been in the country for a few months, but luckily getting around just with English is fine. As far getting to Sun Moon Lake, there are plenty of buses that go straight there, but I’m not sure if they carry bikes or not. I’ll be driving from Taichung which isn’t too far away.

Let me know what your plans end up being…



Most if not all charted buses will take your bike bagged. It doesn’t matter if it’s a proper bag or if it’s wrapped in a garbage bag. As long as one or both wheels are taken off and the frame is covered, you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that the bike has to go in the lower luggage compartment of the bus. So if you got anything along the lines of a 10K USD bike, I would find another means of transport.

Finally, I’m in for the Songboling Challenge! Registered also as well.
I’ll arrive TPE Monday 7th Nov but will leave Monday early morning of 14th already. Due there isn’t plenty of time to get from Sun Moon Lake back to TPE I try to rent a car for this time.
I think to return on Sunday evening and stay the night nearby the airport. The car should be able to fit another bike if you need any transportation.

Thanks for the Info!
Unfortunately it isn’t anythng close to a 10K USD bike… :wink:

Good to hear!

When it gets closer to the date of the ride let’s get in touch and see if we can set up a place to time to meet up before the ride. Let me know if you have any questions or whatnot leading up to the ride.

Well…at least you’re not that guy :wink:

Please come back here and write a review of the ride guys. I’ve never participated in any of the Come! Bike Day events, but I’m always curious about it.

Is it just a schedule ride where you get memorabilia from the registration fee or are people racing to be first?

That guy? :thinking:

As far I understand, it is not a race. Just for fun. On the other hand, you will get a timing chip, so I’m not so sure about.
Anyway, it’s first time I participate such kind of cycling event at all. Review will follow for sure.

From what I can tell, Songboling Challenge ride will be similar to a Randonneur ride, where the ride is casual but is still timed. Usually Randonneur rides are at least 200km, and go up to 1,200km, so this ride can be thought of as a mini version, I think. I’ve had the chance to participate in one Randonneur ride, when I was living in Korea, it was a 200km. It was a lot of fun since finishing first wasn’t the priority, but the ride itself was. Of course you still get people who do race these rides, trying to complete them in the shortest time possible, but they’re usually just competing against their friends who are also doing the ride too, since there’s no prize for being first other than your name in that position.