2017-present KTV Options With English

Pro tip: some ktvs have a buffet floor where the food is included in your room rental. The big Partyworld n Ximending on the main corner for example.

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Those are smaller KTVs with KTV machines from Japan and Korea. Song list depends on which type of KTV machine you ask for, but generally there are more English titles than typical Taiwanese machines.

Go back to the first couple of posts in this very thread, you’ll find more detailed info.

Was at a bar last night with a karaoke setup including a greatly expanded song selection with a decent amount of classic rock and other stuff. I wonder if that’s becoming the norm

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Bars are more flexible with their options. They can just through stuff up.

KTV places have to be more careful about copyright, fees, etc.


Name and address.

It was B-52 on Shuangcheng Street. I wouldn’t advise going there lol. Maybe they have more normalish time slots, I don’t know. Went with a couple of old friends as a nostalgia thing basically and was not disappointed in that regard at least :slight_smile:




So is there no update to this thread? I just went to PartyWorld and their English song list is abysmal

This simple one is supposed to have a lot of English, even new songs. But maybe not great facilities. Haven’t been there.

Est Co.,Ltd.
10491, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Nong’an Street, 4號B1

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I wonder if any place offers YouTube access. I quite like that at home settings with a Bluetooth speaker and mic. This is one of my favorites. Easy to find songs with lyrics, but I don’t need them on this tune.

Dude did you even read the thread? @hansioux gave the best answer: look for places that have Japanese machines like DAM or Joysound. To add to the list, that place also has both machines:

Not sure about the other places, but in this one you can bring in food and drinks from outside.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I was looking for a place that has the usual up-to-date Mandopop collection along with a better English collection. The Japanese ones mentioned above seem to not have much Mandopop…

Also it’s quite a pity, because some branches of the top 3 places have really nice rooms with great soundproofing and fancy mics.

I have never been to a KTV that had a good English selection of new music. Only the old 60s and 70s maybe some 80’s music. Some new music but very very little.

Like everyone wants to sing Country Roads.

Yes, Triangle (MAJI square) on Tuesday nights from 8:30. No list-- you just write down any song with a karaoke vid on YT. It’s open bar style (no private rooms) and there is often a good mix of talent and a handful of weekly regulars.

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Has anyone been to PartyWorld/Holiday KTV recently? Have they updated their English song list at all? I had a look around their respective websites and couldn’t seem to find a ‘recent English songs added’ list.

All I want is to sing some bonafide karaoke classics - Bon Jovi, The Police, Springsteen - inbetween all the bloody MJ116, Jolin and Jay Chou’s :laughing:

Does it have to be a karaoke vid? I mean, could it be ANY video on YouTube with the singing still present (not dubbed out)?

I visit Holiday regularly and they did improve their selection of English songs over the years, at least with YouTube hits like Lady Gaga, Alan Walker, Pitbull, etc.

But sadly bopomofo is still the only way to search for Chinese songs. The ABC keyword is only to type English and not for pinyin. I am slow af with that :rofl: :rofl:

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Cheers mate. Sadly, I don’t think those artists are enough to tempt me back. I think Alan Walker - Faded was the most recent song the last time I went (2 years ago).

KTV is much better in China where they clearly DGAF about licencing and basically have every single song. It’s a real shame - if KTVs in Taiwan had decent songs I’d be there every night of the week! Love the closed off room, cheap beer, and hanging with friends vibe, but the lack of tunes makes it an annoying experience overall.

I’m still hearing that this place has lots of English, old and current. They get really good and really bad mixed reviews. Opens 10am daily.

Can an English speaker use the controls or at least work their way through?

I’m wondering how many rooms they have and how many people per room. Like can 1 or 2 people go or do you need at least six or 10 or what and how many rooms?

Still haven’t been there but intending to drop in soon.

I see some familiar faces in the pictures so maybe some of you are here?

Est Co.,Ltd. 依斯特日韓音樂中心


Wide selection of English songs. Its run from a computer, and not a KTV machine.

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