2017-present KTV Options With English


Are there any KTVs with a decent selection of English songs in Taipei or Kaohsiung as of 2017?

A few years ago, I went to Partyworld in Yonghe and there was hardly any English songs. I know a comprehensive library of English songs is not going to happen in Taiwan. Just give me some popular 2000-2017 songs to work with so we can sing the occasional English song in between the mandopop. 90s can work as well. It’s usually no fun when it’s boring 1970s songs and then granny wants to sing Teresa Teng. I can’t prevent Teresa Teng, but I’d like to get rid of boring 70s songs.

I don’t want a pub either. The KTV ambience is important. I want the typical private Taiwanese KTV room. We get the pub experience easily in America.

I’ve heard of Est KTV, but looks like they are out of business from what I read on Yelp.

Are there English catalog differences between each individual Cashbox/Partyworld/Holiday KTV? I’m grasping at straws here…

Thanks for any pointers.

The one on Zhong Shan North Road in Taipei? Last review on Yelp is dated Sept 9, 2016. It should still be open, just doesn’t look like it’s open from the outside because it looks like it’s in a residential building.

If it isn’t, you’re outta luck. EST is the choice my foreigner friends go to sing English songs (in Taipei).

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The KTV market in Taiwan is almost an monopoly. Cashbox and Holiday are both owned by the same corporation. Party world is founded by the original owner of Cashbox, who wants to get his revenge on those that kicked him off the throne. Despite that, their music library is pretty much the same, because they all use the same KTV system.

The newest English songs in their library seems to be Call me maybe, Poker face and Love story from the earlier this decade. Not a lot of rock anthems on the list. If I am going to sing a Taylor Swift song in front of others, at least have some songs from her newest album…

Party world’s top English songs

There are two ESTs in Taipei, I think both are still in business.

Est Co. used a Japanese KTV system, and had more English songs. Joysound and DAM are the KTV system you want to look for. They have more English songs, lots of Japanese songs, and less Mandopop. Unfortunately they are harder to find these days.

Try looking up whether or not Joysound or DAM has songs you’d like to sing:

From what I can gather from this amazing ptt post:

Besides Est KTV, there’s also MUSE

and Seisyunhu KTV

The catch with these places is that they have limited number of rooms, so it’s best to make reservations in advance. They primarily serve Japanese customers, so if there’s any hesitation on their side, try ensuring them that there won’t be any smoking. Also, ask for the Japanese KTV machines, especially Joysound. Korean KTV machines also do not have that many English songs.


The Partyworld list looks almost like the same list of songs I saw a few years ago. :frowning:

It’s pretty sad when a Christmas song is #17 in February and the Carpenters is #28.

70% of our party will be Mandopop, so I’m not sure it’s wise to depart from the big 3. A party where the emphasis is on English songs isn’t something we want.

I do my usual set–Born to Be Wild–House of the Rising Sun–He Ain’t Heavy–台北今夜冷清清

Does 喵電感應 come up? That’s one of the few Chinese songs I can sing.
Otherwise it’s 邓丽君 for me

Those 簡體字 are harshing my mellow, man! Get it it right: 鄧麗君

Hey, that’s not fair:

That’s the only one I can sing. Really gets the party going.

Wish I could sing the traditional aboriginal song I saw in one list, which IIRC was called “米酒和檳榔”, or something similar.

I guess most cultures have independently written songs that translate loosely as “sex and drugs and rock and roll”.

You might have to spend a few months in a traditional aboriginal community that speaks that song’s language to learn that one.

yeah, I dunno. I’m just guessing here, but I’ll bet the lyrics go something like this:



Songs like that are invariably designed to be sung by those already four sheets to the wind.

How much KTV typically cost? Like Partyworld and Holiday KTV?

There’s only one song with all Aboriginal lyrics in KTVs, which is Suming’s Aka Pisawad.


I can sing the whole thing without lyrics. I now sing that song every time I go to the KTV, it really brings the party down, as no one else could join in.


They all have a minimum amount you have to spend if you have x amount of people in your party. On top of the hourly rate, which differs on what time of day and what day of the week you go, you have to spend something like 300-500NT/person on food/drinks.

ROundabout number? 600-1000NT/person for 3-4 hours.

A lot of them offer special rates during certain hours usually during the week in the afternoon. And I think some of them offer special discounts or rebates or incentives if you use a certain credit card.

Thanks guys, do you have other KTV recommendations aside from the usual Holiday and Partyworld? We’re from Taipei.

Xing Judian (星聚點)

This place is pretty popular as well.

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It’s also recommend the EST. They have much more English songs, if that’s what you are looking for.

What’s EST? Yeah, we’re definitely interested to have more English songs especially newer ones.