2018 Moon & Fire Fest:Full Moon x Veg BBQ x Exhibition x Music


It‘s the mid-autumn full moon calling for the gathering. So we set a fire and turn the garden into a cooking stage.Having artists and friends over to the party. Create and fest with eyes, ears, noses, tongues, bodies and minds.

#hanging out is the new reunion
#art x cooking is the theme
#we do veg BBQ
#being different is quite nice

Date & Time: September 24th 17.30-22.00
Venue: Peacock Bistro
Add: No.197, Sec. 1, DihuaSt., Datong Dist., Taipei
Price: NT$ 699
Buy Tickets: ACCUPASS 活動通 - 亞洲領先活動社交平台 - 找活動辦活動的首選

Good food good atmosphere.

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Thanks! Welcome to our Moon & Fest party, cheers!