2019 August Bike rides out of Keelung

I’ll be taking some rides out of Keelung in a couple weeks Aug3-14, and would like to find some folks to ride with. It would be nice to find someone who is familiar with the area around Keelung and can recommend routes or ride together.

Where in Keelung will you be starting from?

This 7/11 is close to where I’ll stay:
No. 196號, Shenmei Street, Xinyi District, Keelung City, Taiwan 201
across from Jiaoyubuyongxuxiaoyuan_jilongshishenmei Elementary School


It is near the intersection of the 102 and Jiaozhong Street

Have an enjoyable and safe ride!

Oh, that was harsh. Sarcasm and schadenfreude in the same sentence!

OP, try riding out the 106 to Shifen, see the waterfalls, turn left to follow the 2 to Shuangxi (avoid the tunnel, using the longer steeper North 38 road), and then back to Keelung via Jiufen on the 102.

stick to the side of the road, give way to everything, don’t assume anyone will give way to you ever, even if they see you coming. and drink lots!


Or, go southwest and climb that big mountain thingie. Those smaller farmer’s roads are better, much more scenic and less traffic, as long as you have phone with data and maps… really easy to get lost for days up there.

You got a name for that thingy? I see the teapot mt east of Jiufen. Do you mean Wufenshan?

No, that’s a baby in comparison. I guess the mountain I am referring to is more west than south west from Keelung.

The whole mountain group is known as Yang Ming Shan, but the individual peaks therein have their own names. The highest is Datunshan, at 1120 m or something. That’s available going up the awesome 101 to Balaka, from the river mouth at Taipei at Tamshui. (various spellings of the place names will confuse you on maps, 3-4 variations on the same map are not unheard of!). beautiful forests on the way up.

turn right at the little car park at the top, and battle up through 15%+ gradients to the peak.

then head down the 2(Branch) back to Jinshan, and turn right to go home when you hit the coast.

That’s perhaps a 3 - 5 hour ride, depending on your fitness.

(Edited to show more realistic times of 3-5 hours!)

3-5 hours from his location to Yang Ming Shan and back? More like 4-6 in this heat. We’re not invincible like you Urodacus :rofl:

OP, no rides from me will be starting anywhere near you, but we could always meet halfway to chat at a 7-11 as I frequently ride out to Keelung mountains.