2020 Taiwan Election: the results thread

2.5 hours till they start counting votes so I thought I’d get a thread up. This is to discuss voting trends and to share news, rumours and feeds.


When do the polls close?

4 pm.

Here’s a live results sheet:


Reports all around Taipei and New Taipei saying lines were not long. Record amongst friends was 5 minutes. Longest so far was 40 minutes. Meaning…results may be released on time.

Here is FTV if you dont wanna watch the car crash channel.



We have preliminary results coming in

Currently Soong is leading with 0 votes
Trailing behind him is Han with 0 votes
And last but not least is Tsai with 0 votes. It’s still anyone’s race!


Hell its too close to call. Soong surprisingly holding his own.

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Highway is Chinese New Year style packed. Maybe there will be long lines close to closing time.

Ugh this is making me anxious. Maybe I should just stay off the internet until tonight.

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That’s what I want to do, but I can’t.

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Lines to vote were wrapped around the block where I live. Freeway was bumper to bumper parking lot style traffic today. Got stuck in the middle of it.

What scares me is all the old folks flying back to vote for Korean Fish.

Is the generational gap as wide as it’s made out to be? Surely there’s at least a few olds voting green. Amazingly, some of my aunts and uncles voted for Tsai, according to my family group chat.

I’ve seen plenty of old people at DPP rallies.

And there are still hundreds of thousands of young people that graduate into their 20s Every year.

Of course there’s a few oldies voting for Tsai, just like there’s a few young people voting for Fish. But the majority of oldies are still voting for Fish. And if it’s mostly oldies at the polls… well…

but how many of them care enough to vote?

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That’s why the impassioned youth piss me off sometimes. They rail harder than anyone against Fish online and at their schools. Maybe they even attend a DPP rally with their friends. But when voting day comes, they’re too lazy to wait in line an hour.


Based on my sample size, many. They’re particularly motivated by what’s been happening in HK. I just hope they were able to get out there in time.

Voting is the in thing this year. No one wants to miss out. My social media is crammed with girls heading home to vote.

I guess we’ll see.

Ok! Current results.

Same thing.
Soong leads by 0
In Second, Han with 0
Not out yet in Third is Tsai with 0
With 0 votes counted.

Tight race!